Bale Spears

Bale Spears are one of the cornerstones of farm/agriculture work. Moving large hay bales across wide open spaces takes a certain kind of equipment.

That’s why Stinger Attachments invites you to browse the many Series of Bale Spears we have to offer. All Bale Spears are customizable and possess unique features to best aid your daily tasks. Curious to see what Stinger has to offer? Check out the many types of bale spears below!

Types of Bale Spears

Series 1

The Series 1 Bale Spears are available in standard and 3 49″ spears.

Series 2

The Series 2 model moves around medium to large bales of hay.

Series 3

The Series 3 bale spear is a perfect piece of equipment for any farmer or large ranch wanting to move large square bales quickly.

Series 4

The Stinger Attachments Series 4 bale spear is a perfect piece of equipment for any large ag producer moving large square bales 2 at a time.

All of our bale attachments feature heavy duty design and come standard with replaceable tines.

See the Stinger Attachments Bale Spears in Action!