How to Choose the Right Skid Steer Attachments

A skid steer loader is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can find. They can cover everything from landscaping and snow removal to performing some of the most vital jobs on large construction projects. The reason for this versatility comes down to the wide array of attachments that can be used with these machines.

If you are looking to buy attachments for your skid steer loader, it is important to get the right ones. While there are some multipurpose attachments out there, many are designed for specific applications. In this post, we are going to look at some of the points that should be considered when choosing skid steer attachments.

Three Factors To Consider When Choosing the Right Skid Steer Attachments

Type of Attachment

The first point to consider is the type of attachment that you are going to need. With there being so many different types of attachments, this can be the toughest part for a person that is new to owning a skid steer loader. However, talking to a distributor or manufacturer can help. If you explain your requirements to one of these professionals, they should be able to make a good recommendation.

Among the different types of attachments, you have things like grapples, buckets, backhoes, forks and a whole lot more. Even within these different categories, you can find a good number of variations. You have grapples for rocks, grapples for roots, grapples for stumps and when you move onto buckets and other types of equipment, you have another range of options. In some cases, you can even find attachments that have a combination of features. You can find things like forks with grapples and buckets that have grapple features.


It is important to get your skid steer equipment from a manufacturer that has a good reputation. Different companies use different manufacturing processes, and you also have to consider the quality of the product. Skid steer attachments have to be able to handle the tough conditions of the job. You might be able to save money by going to a manufacturer that offers cheaper equipment, but you have to be sure that it is going to be able to handle the job.

As a further point, different manufacturers offer different levels of quality assurance. When you contact a company for skid steer equipment, ask them about the warranty that comes with the attachments. If the company is confident in their work, it should be backed by a good warranty. At Stinger Attachments, we pride ourselves in the products that we build and we back them up with a great warranty.


With modern skid steer loaders, compatibility is not much of an issue. You should be able to move attachments from one machine to another, even if they are made by different brands. However, there are some issues that do need to be considered.

The size of a skid steer machine and its operating capacity can determine whether it is fit for different types of attachments. In some cases, you may also need to consider the hydraulic flow of the machine. Some Skid Steer attachments will require a high flow system to drive the hydraulics. You also have to consider age. Newer machines have the universal coupling, but if you go back to machines that were made prior 1995, you will find that some have unique coupling systems that could restrict compatibility.