June Product of the Month: STP-34 Tree Puller

The name “Tree Puller” suggests that tree pulling is all this skid steer attachment will do. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Have you ever been fixing fence for the livestock and wished you had something more than just your skid loader and a bucket loaded with your tools? The STP-34 tree puller would help. Ever been cleaning old debris on the farm? This guy will help.

We use 3/4” jaws, larger gussets, a spaded design and a 1.5” greaseable pivot pin with a larger opening than competitor tree pullers. We do this to make those bigger jobs that the chain and skid just won’t do. Stinger Attachments has had farmers test this, rough and rugged construction guys, and even did our best to break the STP-34 tree puller. Our goal was to make sure we created the safest, toughest, and most dynamic puller and digger on the market.

We put a 6” x 6” x ¾” thick spade on the front with saw-like reinforcements so that it works for the small projects. Projects like pulling small trees, removing little debris, CRP tree removal, and breaking up the larger roots and obstructions. The STP-34 features a 42” long jaw and a total jaw opening width of 34”.

This tree puller is perfect for the acreage owner, the dairy farmer, the large acre producer, maintenance companies, and especially the livestock owner. The versatility is unmatched and will save you money and headaches in the long run. We ship direct and would be happy to help you find if this is right for your projects.

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