Bobcat is a leading producer in heavy machinery, and they make an excellent addition to any fleet. When you need to enhance the performance of your Bobcat skid steer, you can trust Stinger Attachments. With a wide variety of attachment types, from augers to snow equipment, we have you covered.

Bobcat Skid Steer Attachments for Any Model

Bobcat skid steers can be useful in many applications with attachment tools. Stinger Attachments is your single source for all skid steer additions — and they’re universal, too. Whatever Bobcat skid steer model you have, we have what you need. We support every edition, including:

  • S70
  • S100
  • S450
  • S550
  • S570
  • S590
  • S595
  • S62
  • S64
  • S66
  • S650
  • S740
  • S76
  • S770
  • S850

If you have another model that’s not listed here, there’s a good chance that our attachments will work with it, too. Feel free to reach out to our team and ask!

Various Attachments for Any Application

When you need your Bobcat skid steer to adapt to a job on your site, our attachments offer the versatility, durability and power you need to meet your goals. For some of our tools, like buckets and grapples, you can choose between a range of sizes to work best with your skid steer model and size. Take a look at some of our popular attachment categories.

Pallet Forks

Pallet fork attachments offer versatility in many applications. While they’re helpful in warehouses, they’re useful for extensive material handling purposes in agriculture, landscaping and construction. These useful tools are ideal for moving pallets, two-by-fours, hay bales and much more.

Auger Drives and Trenchers

With auger drives and trenchers, skid steers can dig holes and trenches with ease. This practice is shared across industries, from construction to agriculture. When you use our auger drives, you can drill small holes for posts and fencing, while our 2″ hex augers are ideal for larger spaces and bigger holes.


Buckets are one of the most common attachments for skid steers. These attachments offer an easy way to lift and move materials like gravel and rocks, dirt, snow and sand. Our standard material buckets come in a range of capacities and sizes to meet your needs. One of our popular models, the Series 3 bucket, is excellent for larger skid steers and high capacity applications.

We also carry buckets for specific materials for ease of use. Our manure buckets and rock buckets adapt to their material handling with grapples and tines for stabilizing, gouging and sifting.


Grapples offer extra material support with a grabbing mechanism and bucket. Choose from a range of capacities, sizes and material abilities. Our XD range, like the RTG-XD model, offers stronger and thicker construction for larger skid steers for high-performance on the job.

With our rock grapple configurations, tined buckets sift out unwanted materials while the grapple secures the load. We carry various rock grapple designs, including an open-sided model that provides enough space for long rocks and logs.

Trust Stinger Attachments for Bobcat Skid Steers

When you’re on the job, your machines work as hard as you do. At Stinger Attachments, we use high-grade steel for our tools to give you the durability you need to match your Bobcat skid steer. Explore our full stock of attachments today and feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions.

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