Rock Grapple Buckets

At Stinger Attachments, we build and sell the RG and ROG series rock grapple buckets. These grapple buckets were built based off of customer recommendations and have been some of our best products. These two types of attachments are great for farmers who need to pick up rocks in the fields. You can easily pick up the rock while letting all the other material sift out between the tines.

That being said, Stinger Attachments has noticed that our farmer friends have particular preferences between the RG and ROG series. While we love both, it’s recommended that you study which model is best for your farm. For those Agriculture friends with questions, Stinger is happy to answer of them.

Check out the two different series below.

Type Of Rock Grapple Buckets Built

rock grapple buckets

ROG Series Grapple Bucket

rock grapple buckets

RG Series Grapple Bucket