Root & Rock Grapple Buckets

At Stinger Attachments we listen to recommendations, and one of our biggest requests lately from our customers has been to build a root rock grapple bucket. So here they are! Currently, we build the RRG-series and the RRG-XD series. These attachments are truly one of a kind. They combine the unique design from both our standard root grapples and rock grapples into one. No matter what project you are faced with, these attachments will be a great addition. The root & rock grapple buckets are built to last a long time and have a universal fit which means you can attach them to your skid steer, Kubota or any other smaller tractor. We build multiple sizes for both the RRG series and the RRG-XD series. If you ever have any questions regarding which size may be best for your skid steer loader or tractor, feel free to give us a call.

Type Of Root Rock Grapple Buckets

root rock grapple rrg-xd

RRG-XD Series Root Rock Grapple

root rock grapple rrg

RRG Series Root Rock Grapple