Skid Steer Material Buckets

At Stinger Attachments, we build high quality skid steer material buckets to fit any size skid steer loader or compact tractor including Kubota. No matter what job faces you, our material buckets will last. Through customer reviews, we believe our material buckets at Stinger Attachments are some of the best in the industry today. We also understand that one type of material bucket doesn’t work for everyone, so we offer three different series of buckets and also give you an option to customize your own bucket. Find the material bucket that best fits you below. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding these attachments.

material bucket attachment 1

Types Of Material Bucket Attachments

Purchase a Series 1 Material Bucket

The Series 1 Skid Steer Material Bucket comes with our standard height and depth. This attachment is great for both light and heavy material and comes built with a universal skid steer mount plate. We highly recommend using this bucket on compact tractors or small to medium frame skid steers.

Purchase a Series 2 Material Bucket

The Series 2 Skid Steer Material Bucket comes with our standard height but with a deeper bottom. We built this bucket to maximize capacity of the bucket with a standard back. This bucket is a step up compared to the Series 1 bucket. We recommend fitting this attachment to a compact tractor or medium to large frame skid steers.

Purchase a Series 3 Material Bucket

If you are looking for a bucket with larger capacity then even the Series 2 bucket then you may want to consider the Series 3 Material Bucket attachment. This bucket comes in 5 different sizes and is engineered to fit larger skid steer wheeled and track machines.

Purchase Custom Material Buckets

If any of our Series material buckets don’t seem to fit your needs then check out our customization page for a material bucket. We have different options for you to choose from to ensure you get the bucket that you desire.