Skid Steer Trenchers, Augers & Auger Drives

When you’re doing heavy work in agriculture or construction, a skid steer loader is an excellent piece of equipment for getting jobs done. With Stinger Attachments, you can upgrade your skid steer and make it even more powerful for your job site. Tools like trenchers and augers are great for carving out earth and rock to make room for pipes and wiring.

We offer powerful auger drives and multiple sizes of trenchers and augers so you can find the American-made attachment that’s right for your digging job.

Our Augers and Auger Drives

With our 2-inch Hex Augers, you can choose between an earth or rock combination model based on the terrain you’ll be working with. With a range that goes from 6 inches to 60 inches, we have the right auger for your project. Our combination augers are equipped with all-purpose cutting heads to handle earth, clay, concrete, asphalt and fracturable rock. With their heavy-duty construction, our auger attachments will withstand all types of wear.

The skid steer auger drive for sale has a compact, high-torque planetary gearbox to maximize drilling efficiency and depth. The Eaton motor includes an integrated pressure relief valve, so you can keep leaks under control with no need for a valve block. We’ve spent 30 years developing and perfecting our auger drives.

With our auger and auger drive system, you can perform precise work in demanding industries like agriculture, landscaping and construction.

Skid Steer Trenchers for Sale

When you’re digging up trenching lines and making room for pipes, our skid steer trencher attachments get the job done. We have three model options to help you find the attachment that will fit your skid steer and line of work. Choose between Earth, Combo or Diggatac chain options. We’ve designed our trencher feet so you can see them from the cab and know exactly when your trenching tool is where you need it.

Our Bigfoot 900 Trencher and our Bigfoot XD Trencher are prepared to handle any big trenching jobs. The Bigfoot 900 can dig up to 36 inches deep with an 8-inch digging width, while the Bigfoot XD has a digging depth of up to 60 inches and a 12-inch width. Both attachments come with a spoil removal auger to displace dirt as you dig.

The Mini Bigfoot Trencher works best with mini loaders and offers the same digging capabilities as the Bigfoot 900. Much like our larger models, the Mini Bigfoot is prepared to make a clean trench without disturbing the surrounding ground. Our trenchers work well for many industries, including construction and municipal services. You can use these attachments for:

  • Pipe laying.
  • Road repairs.
  • Optical lines.
  • Telephone wires.

Count on Stinger Attachments for Trenching and Auger Drives

Buying from Stinger Attachments means committing to high-grade steel and durable equipment made right here in America. With our selection of trenching and auger drives, you can get even more from your skid loader. When you buy from us, you can expect a one-year warranty on all of our products and flat-rate shipping to make fees simple. Order online 24 hours a day, seven days a week. If you have any questions about our products, contact us online today.

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