Agricultural Skid Steer Attachments

At Stinger Attachments, we know our friends in agriculture have a variety of goals. While some run commercial-scale farms and ranches, others get their farming done in their backyard. To meet all of these hardworking folks’ needs, we build agriculture attachments for plenty of applications and skid steer sizes. No matter what you do on the farm, you can count on our products’ structural steel construction and user-focused engineering.

Farm and Ranch Applications for Our Attachments

If you have a specific job to tackle, we can recommend the right product. Explore the tasks that our agriculture customers perform with our quality-built attachments.

Land Clearing

Clear an area for planting or grazing using some of these versatile attachments:

  • Stump bucket: Rip most sizes of stumps out of the ground using a tooth-shaped cutting edge.
  • Rock bucketGrab rocks and debris while sifting out loose material such as dirt.
  • Tine bucket or grapple: Scoop or grab debris, rocks, brush or trees you need to clear.
  • Material bucket: Dig and move loose material out of your way.
  • Pallet forkMake your pallet fork do double-duty by grabbing brush.

Maintenance and Installation

When it’s time to set up a fence, install a structure or get another handy job done on the farm, consider the following products:

  • Grapple attachments: Grab components using a secure grappling action.
  • Pallet fork: Lift fence posts and other heavy materials, then move them where you need them.
  • Material bucket: Move mulch and other loose items that add a finishing touch to your project.

Baling and Silage

Manage hay and silage with ease using one of these farm-friendly attachments:

  • Bale spears: Choose from one of four series of bale spears for bales of different shapes and sizes.
  • Tine bucket and grapples: Grab hay and silage with ease.
  • Material buckets: Move loose silage and hay to your field or barn.

Pen Clearing

Leave the dirty work in your barn to a Stinger tine attachment, including:

  • Manure bucket: Use the bucket’s tines to clean up soiled animal bedding.
  • Tine grapple bucket: Grapple large amounts of dirty bedding at a time to make the job faster.
  • Manure grappleAdd the utility of our tine grapple bucket to smaller skid steer models.


Get your land ready for planting with one of our specialized or multipurpose attachments:

  • Land plane: Get the optional hydraulic scarifier for your land plane for easy tilling.
  • Rock and tine buckets: Think outside of the box and use the tines on your bucket to till your land.

The Stinger Advantage

When you count on the skid steer experts at Stinger for your next attachment, you’ll experience the advantage of:

  • A one-year warranty on every product we build.
  • Flat-rate shipping across the USA based on region.
  • Direct-to-buyer sales that save you money.
  • Knowledgeable skid steer experts ready to answer your questions.
  • Universal and custom mounting options for a variety of skid steer models.

Reach Out About Our Skid Steer Attachments for Ranches and Farms

If you need help choosing an attachment for your skid steer, reach out at any time. Call us at 507-273-7497 or send us a message today.

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