Our skid steer rock buckets will reduce your workload and save you time spent on a project. We offer 7 different size buckets, ranging from 60″ to 88″. With this heavy-duty skid steer rock bucket, you can easily pick up material, sift unwanted material, and haul it over to the new job site.

Our rock buckets come with large 4×4 upper square tubing, and heavy-duty 3/8 plate steel throughout the entire bucket truly adds to the life and economic viability of this product.

Each of our rock buckets is equipped with an innovative contour tine design which allows large amounts of rock and debris to stay held in place while work is done, thus saving extra time and trips to the dump. Heavy-duty tines are spaced 3.25″ apart so larger items will stay in the bucket while loose dirt or dust falls through.