Stinger Attachments Tine Grapple Buckets are the perfect skid loader attachments for multiple uses and has a wide range of versatility. This product was requested, designed and tested per customer request. The Tine Grapple Bucket can be used for countless jobs and applications but is mainly focused more towards farm use. The Tine Bucket works great in manure pen-pack, with a manure Tine bucket, an operator can almost double the amount of material per bucket full compared to a normal material bucket of the same size, while keeping the large load secure with the grapples. Some other applications the Tine Bucket will perform very well with; include moving silage and loose forage, hay, corn stalks, trees, brush and the list goes on. The Tine Grapple Bucket from Stinger Attachments is built heavy and built to last, and also shows the quality we put into our work.