Skid Steer Rock Grapple Buckets

At Stinger Attachments, we build and sell the RG and ROG Series grapple buckets. Our skid steer grapple buckets are built based on customer recommendations. These two types of attachments are great for hardworking folks who need to pick up rocks and debris in the field. You can easily pick up the rock while letting all the other material sift out between the tines.

Stinger Attachments notices that our customers have particular preferences between the RG and ROG Series. While we love both, it’s recommended that you study which model is best for your work. For anyone with questions about our rock grapple buckets, Stinger is happy to answer them.

Check out the two different series below.

Our Skid Steer Rock Buckets With Grapples for Sale


Our unique contour tine optimizes rock picking while keeping rock in the bucket. The RG-Series has 2-7/8” spacing between tines to grab the smaller rocks while sifting out soil. It is fitted with a weld-on serrated cutting edge ½” thick. The serrated cutting edge allows for easy digging of rocks and also helps leave a very nice finish when doing grading. Stinger’s RG-Series is fitted with 2 grapples which grapple independently to secure uneven loads


The ROG-Series has 2-7/8” tine spacing to catch smaller rocks while excluding dust and dirt. Stinger’s ROG-Series is fitted with a weld-on serrated cutting edge ½” thick. The serrated cutting edge allows for easy digging of rocks and also helps leave a very nice finish with doing grading. Stinger’s ROG-Series comes with 2 grapples that grapple independently to secure uneven loads. The tine design of the ROG-Series is straight at the top and has open ends, which makes moving brush into and out of the bucket easier. Bolt on ends are also available. This series arrives with a large 48” grapple opening. A ROG bucket holds large amounts of material to ensure productivity. Built with strong grade 50 steel all throughout that ensures a high quality product you can depend on.

How to Choose a Skid Steer Loader Rock Grapple Bucket

Trying to decide what kind of rock grapple bucket or attachment you need? Consider these strategies during the decision-making process:

  • Think about the utility you need: What kind of jobs do you need to accomplish? While the RG Series focuses on picking rock, the ROG Series has well-rounded features for rock, debris and brush removal.
  • Determine the skid loader grapple bucket’s compatibility: Will the grapple bucket that you have in mind fit your skid steer? By default, our rock grapple buckets come with universal mounts, and we also offer mounting options for different equipment types.
  • Consider skid steer rock grapple buckets vs. rock buckets: Do you need a grapple bucket or a standard bucket? While our skid loader rock buckets have simpler, faster operation, the grapple buckets give you more varied utility.
  • Ask the experts at Stinger Attachments: How can Stinger help you choose an attachment? We welcome you to call us at any time for advice from our skid steer masters.

The Benefits of a Skid Loader Rock Grapple Bucket

Hardworking industries choose Stinger Attachments for our unique advantages, including:

  • Common-sense shipping: We make it easy to get our rock grapple buckets from Minnesota to your address. Our region-based flat rates and bundling discounts help you save money during the shipping process. If you live in Minnesota, you can also visit us in Rose Creek to pick up your order.
  • Dedicated experts: We’re committed to making you feel as confident in our attachments as we are. When you contact us, one of our experienced team members will work with you to find the right solution for your situation.
  • One-year warranty: We take pride in our products and back them up with a one-year warranty. You can rely on your new rock grapple bucket for the tough jobs.
  • Direct to consumer prices: At Stinger Attachments, we oversee our products’ manufacturing, sales and shipping. With no middle man, you get to save money on your purchase.

Applications for Skid Steer Loader Rock Grapple Buckets

You’ll find our skid loader rock grapple buckets used in a wide range of situations, including:

  • Agriculture: Clear rocks and debris from your land to get ready for planting.
  • Ranching: Transport heavy materials and clear debris to streamline your ranching chores.
  • Hobby farming: Attach one of our smaller rock grapple buckets to your home skid loader.
  • Construction: Prepare work sites and perform grading with ease.
  • Your area of expertise: If you work in another area, ask us how you can use a rock grapple bucket in your next job.

Check Out Our Skid Steer Loader Rock Grapple Buckets for Sale Online

Have any questions? Turn to our team of skid loader experts. Discover more about our rock grapple buckets by sending us a message or calling us at 507-273-7497.

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