Among the leading brands in heavy equipment, JCB offers high-performance machines for fleets across the country. JCB skid steers are a typical equipment choice for many — and with attachments, they offer versatility in a variety of industries. With Stinger Attachments, you can enhance your skid steer for your next job.

JCB Skid Steer Attachments for Every Model

You expect high performance from your JCB skid steer. With the right tool attachments, your equipment can get just about any job done. Stinger Attachments offers these work tools for various applications to improve your productivity on the field. Every tool comes with mounting options to ensure they fit your skid steer.

Our mounting configurations make our attachments functional for any JCB skid steer model, including:

  • 1110
  • 135
  • 155
  • 160
  • 170
  • 175
  • 190
  • 205
  • 210
  • 215
  • 215T
  • 225
  • 250
  • 260
  • 270
  • 270T
  • 280
  • 300
  • 300T
  • 325T
  • 300
  • Teleskid 3TS-8W

If your model isn’t listed here, there’s still a good chance it will work with our attachments! Contact us if you’re not sure.

Attachment Types for Any Application

With our vast range of attachment types, you can fit your skid steer to any job. Some of our attachment categories include size and capacity options to meet your application and complement your skid steer model. Explore some of our popular categories below and learn how they can help you enhance your JCB machine.


When you need a material handling solution, bucket attachments are the way to go. They’re excellent for shoveling and moving materials like mulch, dirt, rocks, sand and snow. Our full selection of material buckets includes capacity and size options to help you meet your needs. One of our popular models is the Series 3 bucket, designed for larger skid steers and high capacities.

We also carry buckets with adaptations for specific materials. Our rock bucket models and manure configurations include tines and optional grapples for extra handling assistance, while our tooth buckets make it easy to dig through dense substances.

Pallet Forks

Pallet fork attachments are well-known for their applications in warehouse settings, but they also offer support in many other industries, from agriculture to construction. These tools make it easier for skid steers to handle cumbersome materials like long logs, hay bales and two-by-fours.


When buckets aren’t enough, grapples provide an extra layer of stability to your material handling efforts. Choose from varying capacities and sizes, and explore our XD models for the toughest jobs. Many of our customers choose the RTG-XD grapple for its strength and performance.

We also carry rock grapples with tined buckets. These attachments filter out debris and come in a few configurations to work with your application. For example, our open-sided bucket works well for longer items.

Auger Drives and Trenchers

When you need to dig, trench or drill, auger drives and trenchers are an excellent attachment option. Use augers like our 2″ hex configuration for drilling larger holes, and look to our auger drives for smaller applications.

Order From Stinger Attachments for JCB Skid Steers

We create our attachments using high-grade steel to provide the durability you need on your job site. Explore our full stock and find the attachment you need for your JCB skid steer. We’ll offer reduced shipping with two or more items. If you have any questions, get in touch with us today.

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