The Stinger Attachments pallet forks are designed for heavy-duty use. We use industry-leading USA forks by Cascade Corp. They are backed by a 3-year warranty. Our frame design features a heavy-duty machined 1.25” x 3” top carrier bar — this top bar is then welded to a 3” x 2” structural tube to make the top support even stronger. The bottom carrier is a ½” x 3” flat welded to a 3” x 3” support tube. Our main carriage uprights are constructed of 3/8” grade 50 steel. Our skid steer loader pallet forks are manufactured in a jig fixture by man to ensure high tolerances. Our high tolerances are important because this allows the fork to slide easily.

At Stinger, we build our skid steer loader pallet fork attachments for sale with the operator in mind. Stinger Attachments’ standard wide-open walk-thru design makes passage easy for the operator. We also added a safety step for extra protection during solo operation. Our pallet fork design also focuses on easier movement and adjustment for seamless lifting.

Many of our friends across different areas of expertise can find a use for a pallet fork in their work. Farmers and ranchers on any scale can use a pallet fork to move hay, haul fencing or clear brush. In construction, operators count on pallet forks to move materials horizontally and vertically. Some pallet fork users come up with creative uses like carrying a deer after a successful hunt or installing a structure.

All Stinger Attachments products come standard with the universal skid steer loader quick-attach plate. All of our attachments can be modified to fit your tractor with common mounts such as Global, Euro or Westendorf — just to name a few. Other common machines we are compatible with are John Deere, Kubota and Mahindra. Please contact our sales team with any questions or customization requests.