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Thank you for stopping at Stinger Attachments! We are a skid-steer manufacturing company based out of southern Minnesota. We build high quality skid steer rock buckets, material buckets, snow buckets, rock grapples and other attachments in-house and ship directly to the customer. Having quality equipment, a great price, and customer satisfaction is our most important goal. Click here for a little more information on where we come from and why we do what we do.

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Meet Our Lineup of American-Made Skid Steer Attachments

Choose from standard and specialty skid steer attachments made in our Minnesota facilities. Our skid steer attachment manufacturers use clever engineering and top-quality materials to help you handle the toughest jobs. We stick to manufacturing with materials like Grade 50 steel, known as a workhorse metal for structural projects. The types of skid steer loader attachments we offer include:

  • Buckets: We sell a wide range of skid steer bucket attachments for agriculture and construction. Whenever you need to scoop, dig or carry something, chances are you’ll find the right bucket on our website.
  • Tree pullers: Our engineers know that getting a tree as close as possible to the back of a tree puller attachment delivers the best pulling power. As a result, our tree puller opens up to 34 inches on the end to pull trees as far back as possible.
  • Pallet forks: When loading and unloading a pallet fork, it helps the operator to have good maneuverability in and out of the machine. Each of our pallet forks has a walk-through design that makes entry and exit easier.
  • Land planes: Also known as levelers, our land planes help you smooth out land for agricultural and construction work.
  • Bale spears: Our bale spear attachments have the strength and stability to move bales across wide-open spaces for feeding livestock.

Industries We Serve

Hardworking customers buy our products to boost their productivity and improve their results. Our attachments help people in markets like these:

  • Commercial agriculture: Skid steer loader attachments from Stinger have the muscle to handle commercial agricultural tasks like land clearing and soil prep.
  • Construction: When you need to take care of construction steps like earthmoving or material handling, leave the tough work to our attachments.
  • Ranches: Our products help ranchers move bales and scoop manure to make raising livestock easier on the back.
  • Hobby farming: Do you consider your farm more of a passion project than a business? Come on in — we have options that fit smaller skid steers, too.

Shipping That Makes Sense

At Stinger Attachments, we make delivery as easy as possible so you can focus on doing your job. Leave it to us to deliver our skid loader attachments for sale from Minnesota to your area. We offer competitive, flat-rate shipping costs that you can find on the listing for the product you want. Need more than one attachment? Call us about bundling your attachments for even more savings. If you live near Rose Creek, you can also pick up our skid steer attachments in Minnesota.

We Have Your Back

Have any questions about our skid steer loader attachments for sale online?  We have a dedicated team of professionals who understand skid steer accessories and their uses for tough jobs. At Stinger Attachments, we believe in our products, and we want you to believe in them, too. You can always reach out to us for help or advice with our attachments.

To contact our team, you can send us a message online or call us at 507-273-7497.