The right skid steer attachment can turn your single-use machine into equipment that can handle a multitude of tasks. Attachments help maximize the function of your machine, and they increase job site efficiency. They can also help you complete projects faster, minimize manpower, keep your workers safe, ensure quality work for the right applications and properly finish jobs.

Because it’s unlikely you’ll own all the skid steer attachments available, we compiled the most effective and diverse tools, whether you’re in construction, farming, landscaping or are a homeowner working on a DIY project. Stinger Attachments has a range of tools to suit your skid steer applications, and our experts are here to help you determine the best fit.

Skid Steer Loader Applications

A skid steer, skid loader or skid steer loader — it doesn’t matter what you call it, this compact machine is one of the most versatile pieces of equipment you can have at your job site. It can have wheels or tracks depending on the type of terrain you operate in, like sand vs. clay. Skid steers also have a rigid frame and arms that can connect to various attachments.

You can attach almost any tool to a skid steer to perform tasks, such as:

  • Clearing
  • Demolition
  • Excavation
  • Grading
  • Leveling
  • Lifting
  • Loading
  • Overhead jobs
  • Rock removal

Skid steers are also great because they can maneuver in small spaces where larger machines can’t fit.

Top 10 Skid Steer Attachments

To determine the best skid steer attachments for your site, you’ll want to evaluate your projects. From there, you can identify the tools that will help you trench, clear debris, collect rocks or level different surfaces. While these top skid steer attachments perform specific jobs like trenching and leveling, some of their capabilities overlap:

1. Augers

When you need to dig holes for trees, fences, footings and other deep projects, this bad boy is your go-to. Auger attachments for skid steers deliver precision and speed to dig holes of varying depths. Before investing, you need to know what soil you’ll be working with to determine the type of skid steer drive system that will work best. Are you operating with thicker clay, loose sand, rocky dirt or tree roots?

You’ll also want to consider the tool’s compatibility with your skid loader’s power. The rotation of an auger comes from a chain, planetary or direct drive, each made for specific applications. A planetary drive offers the most amount of power for your toughest jobs, while a chain drive doesn’t have as much power but can still get the job done. A direct drive often suits smaller machines and light-duty applications.

There are also different types of auger attachments, including drive-in teeth, bolt-on teeth and bullet teeth to name a few. If you need to dig deeper than the attachment allows, extensions are available to help you reach maximum depths.

2. Brooms

Can you imagine cleaning up your work site with a dustpan and hand broom? We can’t either. A broom attachment for your skid steer can clear away dust, dirt, mud and light snow to keep your area clean and safe. It is beneficial to have a clean work zone for equipment to operate in and a safe space for your crew members to work.

Brooms make cleanup quick, easy and safe without harming the paved surface. They’re effective on various surfaces like sidewalks, driveways, loading docks, warehouses, parking lots, construction zones and more. With thick and durable bristles, the broom attachment can sweep different materials in one pass to create a clean pathway.

Stinger Attachments offers pickup and angle brooms to help you remove all kinds of debris from your work site. The pickup broom has a bucket and cutting edge available in 60, 72 or 84-inch widths. With the blade, it’s able to cut through rough materials like dried mud while the bucket acts as a handy dustpan. The angle version is available in 72, 84 or 96 inches with a caster wheel and the option to have manual or hydraulic rotation. It can also rotate 30 degrees to the left or right to catch large areas in one sweep.

3. Buckets

The right skid steer loader bucket varies based on your application. Many skid steer loader machines come standard with a dirt bucket. With it, you can complete general tasks like transporting dirt, sand, rocks, castings and other materials. It also has a rolled back that helps you spread material on the site.

However, there are also bucket types for the following tasks:

  • Auger mixing: An easy way to transport and dispense concrete, as well as other materials such as sand, grains and gravel.
  • Combination: A multifunctional bucket attachment that can load, carry, dump, grapple, doze, level and spread material with or without teeth.
  • Concrete placing: Can set down concrete in tight spaces like for columns, patios or footings where cement trucks can’t fit.
  • Grading: Has two cutting edges to help level the ground while moving in either direction. They deliver excellent visibility but lack in high lift capacities.
  • Rock: Ideal for sifting through materials while clearing stones or removing debris. Its top, bottom and sides have slats, which allow finer materials to fall through, allowing you to work with rocks and wood.
  • Snow: Ideal for lighter materials like snow, agricultural feed and mulch. They’re designed with a straight side and are one of the highest-capacity buckets.
  • Toothed: Some teeth are permanent and welded on, while others are removable. Teeth can grab onto things like roots and scoop up rocks.

Skid steer rock bucket attachments from Stinger Attachments have a heavy-duty, unique design. They have contoured tines for picking up large quantities of rocks and debris and can sift out unwanted material at the same time. Cut from 3/8-inch Gr50 material and offering 2 7/8 inches between tines, this part of the attachment helps secure rocks while sifting out unnecessary debris. The Stinger Attachments bucket comes standard with a 4-inch-by-4-inch square tube along the top for additional strength.

4. Grapples

Grapple buckets are great for moving oddball objects. The attachment has two separate cylinders that operate two different arms. The bottom half of a grapple attachment is like a regular bucket, while the top half often has claws to help grab irregular-shaped objects. Designed with a standard floor plate, a grapple attachment also allows you to opt for an open floor plate, allowing fine materials to sift through.

The key with a grapple is to roll and crunch the debris into a somewhat uniformed pile, making it easy to grab and transport. You can use a grapple to move rocks, handle hay, pull roots or for demolition projects.

Stinger Attachments offers skid steer grapple attachments in the RG and ROG models. The RG model is ideal for farm fields that require users to pick rocks. With its large contoured bucket design, the tool can hold in the rocks.

The ROG version is better for digging and sifting rocks. It has a straight tine and open sides that reach 48 inches to help move debris and brush. With our grapple tool, you can grab massive amounts of material at once. This attachment solution is constructed of Gr50 material and comes standard with hydraulic cylinders and ends. What’s unique to this design? The ROG has greaseable pivots.

5. Land Planes and Tillers

Land plane attachments and tillers are similar, but also a bit different. Tillers have double-edge tines to break through even the toughest soils. This skid steer attachment tears through hard clumps and materials, allowing you to turn any soil over. It’s ideal for landscaping jobs because it can till and mix at the same time for soil preparation while covering large areas at a time.

land plane skid steer attachment can perform the same as a tiller, along with other jobs such as:

  • Aerating
  • Breaking up hard ground
  • Clearing weeds
  • Grading
  • Sodding

Our land planes are great for prepping and clearing land. The attachment passes material over the land plane’s blade from front to back, creating a skimming movement over the top layer of soil. We also provide land plane options such as a bolt-on edge, a hydraulic scarifier and dirt bucket hooks.

6. Pallet Forks

When you have large pallets and other bulk materials to move, you don’t need to invest in a forklift. Instead, you can quickly attach pallet fork accessories to your skid steer loader.

Pallet fork attachments are great for when you need to stack building materials or lumber in a garage or at a job site. Other things you can use forks for include bales, pavers, fuel tanks, harvest materials, totes, engine blocks, boulders, sidewalk slabs, bulk containers, lumber and construction materials — you get the point. If it’s on a pallet and secured, you can move it.

Like many other skid steer attachments, it’s important to know the weight limit of the tool compared to your skid loader because you don’t want to overload it and become top-heavy.

Our pallet forks come standard with a walkthrough design that helps the operator get in and out of the machine. At Stinger Attachments, there is a three-year warranty on the cascade fork and a one-year warranty on the frame. We also offer 4,000-pound or 5,500-pound forks depending on what size skid steer you have.

7. Rakes

Similar to buckets, rake attachments are also available in various configurations:

  • Auto: Removes smaller rocks and debris from loose soil by sifting the top layer to help with prepping the soil for seeding. It can gather, move and dump materials fast and easily.
  • Grader: Great for clearing away courser materials such as bricks, sticks, rocks and roots thanks to its spaced tines.
  • Power box: The most versatile of the four rake types. Ideal for grading, raking, leveling, dethatching, removing debris and prepping the ground.
  • Preparator: A combination between the auto and grader rakes best used for removing foliage, collecting rocks, tilling soil and roughing. It can carry debris while sifting dirt.

In general, rakes can be one of the best skid steer attachments for grading while also being able to scoop up rocks, sticks and other loose materials. Rake accessories are especially beneficial for landscapers and are a great attachment for aerating and cutting soil.

8. Snow Equipment

Forget your snow shovels! Skid steers are masters at snow removal when equipped with the right tool attachment. Snow buckets are larger than standard ones for piling and pushing snow. With the options we offer at Stinger Attachments, you can gain a streamlined and efficient way of clearing snow from your job site, home and other areas. For our snow pushers, you can choose from multiple box size widths and an optional drag bar.

We also offer snow buckets that are able to remove snow in a single pass. Choose between a weld-on or bolt-on option with a top rect tube that comes standard at 3 inches by 2 inches.

9. Tree Pullers

A tree puller does indeed pull out trees, but it can do much more than that. Tree puller attachments for your skid steer can remove debris, bushes, large weeds and other vegetation. A tree puller will dig up the entire root system for a clean extraction. You can even use this tool to pull out fence posts, stumps and rocks.

The heavy-duty design we use at Stinger Attachments uses 3/4-inch Gr50 jaws that can open to 34 inches. This jaw can handle a tree between 8 inches and 10 inches in diameter that reaches the back of the puller. With the tree closer to the skid steer, your pulling power increases. Our tree puller also has a guard on top to prevent trees from falling on an operator.

Tree pullers have exceptional grip and leverage, so you can pull out almost anything that’s standing in your way.

10. Trenchers

Before you choose a trenching attachment for your skid loader, know the depth and width you require. This will help you figure out which model best suits your applications. You’ll also want to consider the pressure and flow requirements of your skid steer to match it with the appropriate trenching tool.

Trenchers can dig ditches for utility lines, sprinkler systems, drain pipes or footings and can cut through all types of soils, even ones that are laden with rocks and thicker materials. These skid steer attachments help you save massive amounts of time and money compared to manual labor.

There is a range of digging chains available for your trencher attachment, depending on the type of terrain you work on:

  • Anti-back flex: Hard, dry soil
  • Full rock or frost: Rocky soils and icy ground
  • Half rock: Mixed, harder soils
  • Standard: Loose and damp soil
  • Terminator or bullet: Very hard and dry ground

Make sure to know the soil conditions of your site because it can make all the difference in finding the right attachment.

All the skid steer loader attachments we have at Stinger Attachments come with a universal mounting plate, making it easier for you and your operators. We also offer different sizes for our attachments to accommodate your exact requirements.

The Best Skid Steer Attachments for You

We can’t give a straightforward answer to what the best skid steer attachment is for you and your operations. But we can give you a full range of tool attachments that suit a variety of projects. If you’re in the landscaping business, augers, tree pullers and rakes are solid options. If you’re running a construction operation, grapples, trenchers and pallet forks may be your best bet. It all depends on the projects you have, the type of terrain you work with and the size of skid steer you have.

Fear not, our expert team at Stinger Attachments can help you each step of the way. Our skid steer attachment solutions are of superior quality and design and come with one-year warranties. We also offer different mounting options and direct-to-consumer pricing. You can even receive a shipping discount if you call in an order of two or more products.

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