Skid Steer Manure Bucket Attachements

Our friends in agriculture depend on our skid steer tine buckets and grapples to do their dirty work with finesse. Stinger manure fork buckets go beyond their namesake. In addition to cleaning your pens, they can perform other types of work on the farm or job site. Break out the tines when your next job needs a fine touch.

Choosing the Right Manure Bucket Attachment for the Job

At Stinger Attachments, we have three types of skid loader manure buckets for sale to fit different job duties and skid steers:

  • Standard tine bucket: Our standard manure bucket features 2-inch, 1045 cold rolled steel tines with 6-inch spacing. It can lift dirty animal bedding and other items surrounded by loose materials that you want to sift through.
  • MG Series manure grapple: The MG Series bucket combines the features of the standard tine bucket with two independent grapples. It comes in smaller weights and sizes than the TG Series to fit smaller skid steers.
  • TG Series manure grapple bucket: We developed the TG Series manure grapple bucket by customer request. The grappling action lets you carry more complex loads than the standard tine bucket, such as fallen trees and other unwieldy items.

Do the Dirty Work

With a Stinger Attachments manure bucket, you can tackle a variety of jobs in farming, ranching and land prep. Our friends use tine buckets to:

  • Clean pens: Lift and carry dirty bedding in animal pens much more efficiently than you would with a pitchfork.
  • Take care of livestock: Haul hay bales, silage and bedding to keep livestock producing their best.
  • Prep land: Till and loosen soil or haul away debris to get your land ready for planting or grazing.
  • Haul materials: Carry any item that you need to separate from dirt and dust.
  • Turn compost: Turn compost with a manure attachment for safer and more effective composting.

Unbeatable Design and Construction

Every manure bucket from Stinger Attachments is made in the USA and features smart design and a structural-grade build. Some of our favorite features of our tine buckets include:

  • Tough materials: We build our attachments with structural materials such as grade 50 steel. Industries depend on this grade of steel for industrial equipment and structures, and it brings that reliability to your attachment.
  • Universal mounting: All of our tine attachments come standard with our universal skid steer mount. If you have specialized mounting needs, ask us about our custom options or leaving the bucket plain for self-mounting.
  • Easy maintenance: Each of our tine bucket designs makes it easy to take care of your attachment. The tines are all easily replaceable to keep your bucket at its most capable, and our two grapples have greasable pivot points. With our easy-to-maintain manure buckets, you can extend the utility that you get out of your attachment.

Buy Our Skid Steer Loader Manure Buckets for Sale

Check out the product listings on this page for more specifications on our lineup of tine buckets. If you need a hand during your shopping experience, feel free to call us at 507-273-7497 or contact our team online.

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