The Stinger Attachments manure grapple is the perfect piece of equipment for large and small agricultural producers. The manure grapple (ag grapple) is ideal for feedlot chores such as loading pen pack and bedding cattle lots. This design is similar to our popular selling TG-Series (Tine Grapple), with a couple of differences being lighter weight for smaller machines, enclosed back, and better handling of bales. The 8” on-center spacing of the tines leaves an opening of approximately 6”, helping carry loose material.

When your work on the ranch requires finesse, you can count on a Stinger manure grapple. Like our other manure attachments, the manure grapple easily picks up loose or matted material like clean or dirty bedding. Its grappling action enables you to carry materials much more securely than you would with your typical manure bucket. Some of our friends who use the manure grapple get creative and use it for brush, trees and other material that fits in the attachment.

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