The Series 2 skid steer material bucket attachment by Stinger Attachments features our standard height with a deep bottom. Series 2 is engineered to provide maximum capacity with a standard back. The bucket’s deep bottom allows for excellent visibility during grading. Available in 5 different sizes from 60 to 84” inches in width. This bucket is a great fit for compact tractors and medium- to large-frame skid-steer machines. This material bucket attachment comes standard with a universal skid steer mount plate. We can also custom-fit other mounting options or leave plain so you have the option to custom-fit your own.

Our top channel brace and bottom radius support add the strength needed to handle the biggest machines. The bottom radius support also adds better clean out. Our standard back degree angle is 68 degrees. We have found this to be a very good fit for most machines in the roll-back and dump positions.

The bucket is available with two cutting edge options. With Option 1 (weld-on edge), we weld on a large 3/4×8 edge to the bucket shell. When we build Option 2 (bolt-on edge), we weld a 1/2×6″ edge with holes to bucket shell, then bolt on a 3/4×6 edge to the bottom.

If you need a well-rounded material bucket with a larger capacity than typical, consider the Series 2 large capacity skid loader bucket. The Series 2 bucket takes the standard design of the Series 1 and deepens the bottom. As a result, you can use this attachment to carry heavier loads on a variety of skid steer models. Since the Series 2 can haul many types of loose material, it makes a great choice for our friends in agriculture, construction and other specialties that demand rugged equipment.

Do you need help finding the right skid steer loader large capacity bucket for your job? Give us a shout at any time by calling 507-273-7497 or sending an online message.

Allow 3-7 business days to build attachment if not in stock. Please call for more information.