Skid Steer Loader Root and Rock Grapple Buckets for Sale

At Stinger Attachments, we listen to your recommendations, and one of our biggest requests lately from our customers has been to build a root rock grapple bucket. So, here they are! Currently, we build the RRG Series and the RRG-XD Series. These attachments are truly one of a kind. They combine the unique design from both our standard root grapples and rock grapples into one. No matter what project you are faced with, these attachments will be a great addition. Our root and rock grapple buckets are built to last a long time and have a universal fit, which means you can attach them to your skid steer, Kubota or any other smaller tractor. We build multiple sizes for both the RRG series and the RRG-XD series. If you ever have any questions regarding which size may be best for your skid steer loader or tractor, feel free to give us a call at 507-273-7497.

RRG Series Skid Steer Root and Rock Grapple Buckets

The RRG Series of skid steer loader root and rock grapple buckets features six-inch tine spacing and a serrated edge to help you move brush, logs and debris. Their light construction makes them a popular choice for our residential and hobby farm friends. Discover some of the features of the RRG Series grapple buckets:

  • Sizes: 60 inches, 66 inches, 72 inches and 78 inches
  • Bucket material: Grade 50 steel with 3/8-inch tines
  • Cutting edge: 1/2-inch serrated cutting edge

RRG-XD Series Skid Loader Root and Rock Grapple Buckets

When you have an extreme job to tackle, the RRG-XD Series is up to the task. It upgrades the RRG Series’ materials, grapples and cutting edge to suit larger machines and industrial-grade projects. Features of the RRG-XD Series include:

  • Sizes: 78 inches, 84 inches and 91 inches
  • Bucket material: Grade 80 steel with 1/2-inch tines
  • Cutting edge: 3/4-inch by 6-inch high tensile cutting edge

Applications for Root and Rock Grapple Buckets

Hardworking folks across different industries count on our skid steer root and rock grapple buckets for sale. We work with customers in the following fields:

  • AgricultureIn commercial farming, our root and rock grapple buckets clear land and transport materials for efficient crop management.
  • Ranching: Root and rock grapple buckets help you prepare land for grazing and carry silage across your ranch.
  • Hobby farming: Customers who work on their hobby farms can use an RRG Series grapple bucket with smaller skid steers.
  • Construction: The RRG-XD Series tackles heavy-duty jobs in construction, such as debris clearing and grading.
  • Your industry: If you work in a different field, ask us how you can use our root and rock grapple buckets with your skid loader.

The Stinger Attachments Difference

You can count on Stinger Attachments for benefits that you won’t find at any other attachment supplier. Experience these unique advantages when you buy one of our products:

  • Direct to buyer pricing: At Stinger Attachments, we take care of manufacturing, sales and shipping for our products. As a result, we can offer lower prices on our high-quality grapple buckets. We also offer flat-rate and bundled shipping options to save you even more money.
  • One-year warranty: Each of our skid loader attachments has a one-year warranty because we stand behind our work. We offer such a long warranty because we want customers like you to feel as confident in our products as we are.
  • Dedicated skid steer experts: Our team has years of experience in manufacturing skid steer loader attachments. We back up that expertise with customer service from our skid loader experts. Call or message us at any time to get advice from the professionals.

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