Case is a well-known manufacturer in the heavy equipment world, supporting fleets high-performance machine. One of their popular equipment types, the skid steer, boasts durability and versatility. When you need your Case skid steer to adapt to a specific job, you can trust Stinger Attachments for well-made tool attachment options.

Case Skid Steer Attachments for Every Model

Attachments are what make skid steers the versatile equipment they are. When you’re looking for durable attachment tools, Stinger Attachments has what you need. We offer several tool types, and we have a series of mounting options to make them fit any machine. With our universal attachments, we support all Case skid steers, including the following models:

  • 1825B
  • 1835C
  • 1838
  • 1840
  • 1845C
  • 40XT
  • 410
  • 410 III
  • 420
  • 420 III
  • 430
  • 430 III
  • 435
  • 435 III
  • 440
  • 440 III
  • 445
  • 445 SERIES III
  • 450
  • 450 III
  • 465
  • 465 III
  • 60XT
  • 70XT
  • 75XT
  • 85XT
  • 90XT
  • 95XT
  • SV185
  • SV250
  • SV280
  • SV300
  • SV340
  • SR130
  • SR150
  • SR160
  • SR175
  • SR200
  • SR210
  • SR220
  • SR240
  • SR250
  • SR270
  • SR160B
  • SR175B
  • SR210B
  • SR240B
  • SR270B
  • SV185B
  • SV280B
  • SV340B

If you have another Case skid steer model that’s not listed here, our attachments will most likely work with it as well. Feel free to contact us if you’re unsure!

Different Attachments for Different Jobs

We carry several tool types to meet your needs, and certain attachments include size and capacity options to cater to your application. Take a look at some of our popular attachment categories and how they can help you enhance your skid steer.

Pallet Forks

While pallet fork attachments are well-known for their warehouse uses, they work across industries as a material handling solution. Pallet forks can help operators move unwieldy items like two-by-fours, hay bales and long logs.


Bucket attachments are excellent tools for a variety of material handling applications. Use them to shovel and move dirt, sand, mulch and rocks. Our complete stock of material buckets comes with capacity and size selections to meet your job needs and skid steer dimensions. One of our most popular products in this category is the Series 3 bucket, which works for high capacities and large skid steers.

Our buckets also have adaptations for specific materials and uses. Manure buckets and rock buckets use tines and grapples for added assistance. With tooth buckets, your skid steer can excel at digging.

Auger Drives and Trenchers

Trenching, drilling and digging are shared needs across many industries, and our auger drives and trenchers can help you get the job done. Our auger drives are useful for smaller drilling jobs, while augers, like our 2″ hex model, work for larger applications.


Grapple attachments incorporate our buckets’ sizes and capacities with a claw mechanism to hold materials in place. Our grapple collection includes the XD range, a more robust construction for larger skid steers and jobs. The RTG-XD is one of our more popular models.

With our rock grapple configurations, you get a tined bucket for filtering out debris. These models also come in a few designs to suit your application, including the open-sided bucket that makes it easy to move long rocks, logs and other cumbersome materials.

Count on Stinger Attachments for Case Skid Steers

We construct all of our attachments with high-grade steel to ensure a long lifespan for your skid steer tools. Explore our full selection and order our products online at any time. If you buy two or more items, we’ll give you a shipping discount. Feel free to reach out to our team if you have any questions.

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