Skid Steer Rock Grapple | Open Sides | ROG-Series


The skid steer rock grapple open sided grapple is the perfect attachment for sifting rock, grabbing brush, moving logs, debris cleanup and much more. It has a 2-7/8” opening between the tines to grab the smaller rocks but still let the dirt fall through. It is fitted with a weld on serrated cutting edge ½” thick. The serrated cutting edge allows for easy digging of rocks and also helps leave a very nice finish with doing grading. It is fitted with 2 grapples which grapple independently to secure uneven loads. With a large 48” grapple opening the bucket can hold large amounts of material to ensure productivity. Built with strong grade 50 steel all throughout ensures a high quality product you can depend on. Grapples have large 1” greasble pins as well. This attachment comes with hydraulic hoses and standard ½” flat face couplers.

Sizes 60″ 66″ 72″ 78″ 80″ 84″ 88″
Price $1835.00 $1910.00 $1985.00 $2060.00 $2135.00 $2210.00 $2285.00

Product is built with large 4×4 upper square tubing, and heavy duty 3/8 plate steel throughout entire bucket to truly add life and economic viability of the product. Heavy duty tines are spaced 3.25” apart so larger items will stay in the bucket while loose dirt or dust falls through. Two heavy duty independent grapples powered by two Maxim 2500psi cylinders have a massive 48″ opening and are completely removable in less than 10 minutes to make sure you can handle any job


  • Grade 50 steel (3/8″ Tines)
  • 4″x 4″x 1/4″ top tubing
  • 3″x 3″x 1/4″ bottom tubing
  • 1/2″ serrated cut-edge
  • 2-7/8″ opening between tines
  • Universal Skid-Steer mount plate
  • (Call for other mounting options)


  • 48″ Grapple Opening
  • Twin 2500 PSI Cylinders
  • 1/2″ Flat-Face couplers included
Size Weight Material Cut-Edge
60″ 860lbs 3/8″ Gr.50 1/2″ Gr.50
66″ 903lbs 3/8″ Gr.50 1/2″ Gr.50
72″ 965lbs 3/8″ Gr.50 1/2″ Gr.50
78″ 1005lbs 3/8″ Gr.50 1/2″ Gr.50
80″ 1035lbs 3/8″ Gr.50 1/2″ Gr.50
84″ 1055lbs 3/8″ Gr.50 1/2″ Gr.50
88″ 1080lbs 3/8″ Gr.50 1/2″ Gr.50
Type Of Address ZONE 1 ZONE 2 ZONE 3 ZONE 4
Commercial Business $100 $175 $250 $300
Farm/Ranch/Home Business $150 $225 $300 $350

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All residents in the State of Minnesota are subject to a 7.375% tax.

Note: Farmers and resale are exempt If they supply ST3 form.

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