Skid Steer Pallet Fork Attachments

Pallet forks are essential to completing heavy work. Just how essential? Ask Stinger Attachments and find out today. Pallet forks are key attachments for your skid steer. While we love grapples, snow buckets and other attachments, pallet forks are key in day-to-day activities. What does that mean for you? Well, take stock of your daily activities and imagine how much pallet forks can do for you. If you’re like the vast majority of customers searching Stinger, you need our attachments.

Stinger Heavy-Duty Pallet Forks: A Quick Rundown

Meet the Stinger Attachments skid steer pallet fork, a must-have attachment in farming, construction and other hardworking fields. Some of the features we like to highlight include:

  • Industrial-grade materials: We manufacture every pallet fork frame here in the U.S. using grade 50 structural steel, a material used in industrial structures and equipment. These attachments use Cascade Corporation forks that meet or exceed international standards from ISO and ANSI.
  • Universal mounting: Each of our pallet forks for sale will come standard with a universal mount that fits popular skid steer and tractor makes. We can also work with you to create a custom mount or leave your attachment plain for self-mounting.
  • Safety features: Stinger pallet forks have a built-in safety step and walk-through design. These features help the operator move around their machine and attachment more safely.
  • Strong and efficient carrier bars: The Stinger pallet fork’s frame features carrier bars that we reinforce with welded support tubes. We also design each frame with easy fork adjustment in mind.
  • Up to four tons of weight capacity: Each of this attachment’s forks has a 4,000-pound loading capacity, adding up to 8,000 pounds total. This high weight capacity enables our customers to use our pallet fork for both personal and commercial uses.

Have Confidence in Your Pallet Fork

At Stinger Attachments, we want you to feel as confident in our pallet forks as we do. That’s why we offer two competitive warranties on this attachment — a three-year fork warranty and a one-year frame warranty. As you break in your new pallet fork, you can rest assured that you’ll have a dependable attachment.

Using Pallet Forks on Your Farm, Ranch or Work Site

The uses for a pallet fork go beyond the warehouse. Hardworking folks in agriculture, construction and other demanding fields depend on these attachments for their lifting action. Our friends in these specialties use pallet forks to:

  • Haul materials: However you manage your materials, you can probably find a way to make the process easier with a pallet fork. Our pallet forks can lift and move pallets, crates and unpackaged materials like logs.
  • Move bales: Stinger pallet forks can shift square or round bales, depending on bale size. They make it easy to stack your bales or move them to a loft for storage.
  • Clear brush: A pallet fork can lift bulkier brush and treetops to clear land or gather firewood. In these situations, the forks work like tines to move brush away from the area.
  • Install fences and other structures: Consider the Stinger pallet fork your sidekick in your farm or property’s next project. When setting up a fence, you can use the pallet fork to carry posts and combine it with a post digger for fast installation. The pallet fork’s lifting height and capacity also make them a great choice for signs, roofing, windmills and any other structure you have to build.
  • And much more: Move a deer carcass, lift equipment for inspection or think of another way to make use of our pallet fork.

Check Out Our Skid Steer Pallet Forks for Sale

Watch our videos, study the model details and pick which pallet fork works best for you. At Stinger, our customers make the difference. Come be a part of it!

If you have any questions about our skid loader pallet forks for sale, give us a shout by calling 507-273-7497 or sending an online message.

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