Skid Steer Tooth Bucket Attachment

Take a bite out of your next job with our skid loader tooth bucket for sale. The heavy-duty tooth bucket features our standard 21-inch height with a deep 36-inch bottom. We engineered this attachment to provide maximum strength and digging capabilities for the biggest track skid steers on the market. The bucket’s deep bottom allows for excellent visibility during use. Available in 5 different sizes from 60 to 84 inches in width.

Our Skid Loader Tooth Bucket’s Construction

Built with power, efficiency and visibility in mind, our skid steer tooth bucket will take your machine to a new level. Meet the Stinger Attachments heavy-duty tooth bucket:

  • Fit: This bucket is a great fit for loader tractors and medium- to large-frame skid steer machines, whether wheel or track. This tooth bucket attachment comes standard with a universal skid steer mount plate. We can also custom-fit other mounting options or leave plain so you have the option to custom-fit your own. Our standard back degree angle is 68 degrees. We have found this to be a very good fit for most machines in the roll-back and dump positions.
  • Reinforcement: Our top channel brace and bottom radius support add the strength needed to handle the biggest machines. The bottom radius support also adds better cleanout.
  • Teeth and cutting edge: The base bucket comes standard with weld-on 3/4×8 cutting edge. We use industry-leading Romac bucket teeth on all of our attachments. They are 100 percent replaceable with a pin-on mount.
  • Materials: Our manufacturing crew uses high-quality metal and parts to build each tooth bucket we sell. We construct the bucket with grade 50 structural steel and combine it with teeth from Romac, a leading supplier of ground engaging tools since 1992.

One Bucket, Many Possibilities

Our friends in commercial agriculture, construction and any industrial field that uses skid steers can tackle their next job with this tooth bucket. It combines the versatility of a material bucket with a structural build and heavy-duty teeth. Thanks to these features, it can:

  • Dig: Heavy-duty digging is our tooth bucket’s specialty. The industrial-strength Romac teeth break up tough soil for more efficient digging and earthmoving.
  • Grade: We designed this tooth bucket with teeth that stay level with the cutting edge for easy grading during land prep. They leave a smooth finish to give your site the polish you want.
  • Till: On the farm, your tooth bucket can serve double duty as a land tiller during planting. The combination of a level edge and industrial-grade teeth will give you even results.
  • Haul materials: Thanks to the bucket’s deep bottom and industrial-grade construction, this attachment can carry hefty materials like rock. It also offers the utility of a general hauling bucket, so you can still use it to move lighter materials like feed and mulch.
  • Clear land: When you need to get rid of rocks, debris or even snow on your property, it’s time to break out the Stinger tooth bucket. Its durable construction lets you lift, move and dump for job after job.

Reasons to Count on Your Friends at Stinger

Turn to Stinger for your next attachment purchase when you need top-quality products and services. Our customers depend on us for:

  • Straightforward delivery: Check a product listing for attachment-specific, flat-rate shipping fees based on your region of the USA. You can also call us for shipping discounts on multiple products or local pickup in Rose Creek, Minnesota.
  • Reliable attachment pros: At Stinger, we have full faith in our products, and we want you to believe in them as much as we do. Reach out to us at any time with questions or comments about our attachments.
  • Direct-to-consumer buying: We manufacture the attachments we sell in our own U.S. facilities, so you get to pay markup-free prices. Our team can also provide faster and higher quality service because of our direct-to-consumer business model.

Sink Your Teeth Into Your Next Job

Browse Stinger tooth buckets for sale using the product listings on this page. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 507-273-7497 or send us a message.

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