Skid Steer Land Plane Attachment

Stinger Attachments has unbeatable skid steer loader land planes for sale, all made in the USA. Buy one of our land planes to revolutionize your work on the farm, work site or field. This attachment passes material over its blade from front to back, skimming the top layer of material off the ground. The leveling action makes our land planes a must-have attachment for land clearing and preparation.

Buy The Ultimate Land Prep Attachment

Our customers in farming, construction and land maintenance use our land planes to get the ground ready for their next job. With this leveler attachment, you can:

  • Smooth or grade land: When you need to level or grade out the terrain on a job site, driveway or farm, count on our land planes. This attachment can cover a wide area of land and create a smoother finish than a bucket.
  • Peel sod: Our land planes can also clear sod so you can start planting or preparing land from scratch. They cut under the sod and continuously peel it from the ground.
  • Till and aerate soil: During planting season, you can use your land plane with the optional hydraulic scarifier to dig deeper into the soil for tilling and aeration.
  • Break up hard ground: The hydraulic scarifier can also give your land plane the heft it needs to break into compacted ground.
  • Clear weeds: If you have a lot of smaller weeds to clean up, our land plane can dig them up and turn them over for a clean finish.

Level the Competition With a Stinger Land Plane

A land plane from Stinger has the features you need to bring your land preparation capabilities to a new level. Try using these features in your next job:

  • Optional bolt-on edge: Many of our friends with skid steer experience prefer a bolt-on edge over a weld-on edge because it simplifies maintenance. This design makes the edge much simpler to replace if you need a new one.
  • Optional hydraulic scarifier: A hydraulic scarifier breaks up ground as the land plane passes over it. You can switch the scarifier’s position from the comfort of your cab to get multiple land prep tasks done during the same ride.
  • Dirt bucket hooks for convenience: All versions of our land plane include hooks that let you carry your dirt bucket on the attachment to free up skid steer space.

Cutting-Edge Manufacturing From Stinger Attachments

At Stinger Attachments, we build all of our products in-house right here in the U.S. Our direct-to-buyer work tools deliver these advantages and more:

  • One-year warranty: All of our attachments come with at least a one-year warranty so you can have as much faith in our work as we do.
  • Structural-grade materials: We build our attachments with heavy-duty materials like grade 50 steel that give them industrial strength.
  • Universal mounting: Our land plane comes standard with a universal skid steer mount, and you can contact us about custom mounting options.

Explore Our Skid Steer Land Planes for Sale

Browse our inventory of land planes using the product listings on this page. If any questions come up, feel free to call us at 507-273-7497 or send us an online message at any time.

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