The Land Plane: Level the Competition

A land plane is a kind of leveler best used for construction, landscaping and farming. Whether you’re grooming a trail or getting ready to lay a driveway, the plane will make it happen. Some of you reading today might have rented or bought a plane before. But, was there something about it that didn’t just click with you? Give us a bit of time to explain why you need a Stinger land plane.

A land plane works by lifting material and flowing it over the top of its blades. This build-up comes out of the back plane and starts to create a fill. Say you’re taking care of a grave driveway or plot. As you move over your target area, the discharged material kicked up by a plane will fill it in.

How do you use a Land Plane?

If you need to go deeper with the land plane, shortening the front of the plane can be achieved. You can even do the back plane. While customization is the name of the game at Stinger, there is a catch with these Land Planes.

Working slowly with a plane is essential. The plane comes with a bit of a learning curve. While I’m sure those with experience will understand, it’s nice to have a word of warning to the new users. So, take that into account and you’ll have a great equipment experience.

Also, the Stinger Land Planes come with the option of having a hydraulic scarifier for tilling. Pair that with a bolt on cutting edge and your skid steer will be the envy of the construction site.

Land Plane 15