Skid Steer Stump Buckets With Grapples


Stump Bucket With Grapple Attachment

The Stinger Attachment stump bucket with grapple skid steer attachment was designed to easily and efficiently remove stumps. The sides are designed to rip through roots and loosen the stump to make removal easier. The sides also have extra reinforcement throughout the teeth with weld on top to help wear of the teeth. The bucket curves up in the front which allows for better trenching. The narrow bucket width at just 12” helps easily dig bucket into the ground with even smaller machines and compact tractors. The bucket weighs in at 525 pounds, as our design may not be the lightest on the market you know your attachment is built well enough to last a very long time. The unique grapple design uses a heavy duty 1 piece pin to help prevent twisting of the grapple. Grapple is also greaseable and removable. The large 52” opening height allow for large stumps and rocks to easily fit into the bucket.

The skid steer stump bucket with grapple attachment helps you easily remove stumps from the ground. This durable stump bucket is perfect for landscaping jobs.

Stump Bucket With Grapple Features

  • Constructed with grade 50 steel.
  • Bucket sides are constructed with 3/8ths steel.
  • Bottom of bucket is constructed with ¼ steel.
  • 52” deep bucket for optimal digging depth.
  • 12” bucket width.
  • Heavy duty quick attach plate mounted to a heavy duty 3”x3” square tube frame.
  • Rugged ¾” thick Cutting teeth on both sides of bucket.
  • Curved bottom for better leverage and greater digging capabilities
  • Narrow profile digs better and breaks up large roots with ease
  • 3/4” thick, tooth shaped cutting edge for tearing into the toughest roots.
  • 75-degree back angle.
  • Our stump bucket fitted with a Grapple makes stump and rock removal easier and secures load for transport.
  • The rugged grapple is constructed with 3/8ths” thick Grade 50 steel.
  • Heavy duty, pivot point fitted with a 1-1/2” pin inside 3/8”” thick side wall bushing stock
  • Greaseable pivot point.
  • 52” grapple opening height, this large opening increases compacity to get ahold of the largest stumps and rocks.
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