The Stinger Attachment stump bucket with grapple skid steer attachment was designed to easily and efficiently remove stumps. The sides are designed to rip through roots and loosen the stump to make removal easier. The sides also have extra reinforcement throughout the teeth with welding on top to reduce wear on the teeth. The bucket curves up in the front, which allows for better trenching. The narrow bucket width at just 12” helps easily dig the bucket into the ground with even smaller machines and compact tractors. The bucket weighs in at 525 pounds — as our design may not be the lightest on the market, you know your attachment is built well enough to last a very long time. The unique grapple design uses a heavy-duty one-piece pin to help prevent twisting of the grapple. Grapple is also greasable and removable. The large 52” opening height allows for large stumps and rocks to easily fit into the bucket.

You can think of our stump grapple bucket for sale as an advanced version of our standard stump bucket attachment. By adding a grapple to the bucket, we doubled its abilities. Like the regular stump bucket, the grapple stump bucket can pull stumps and trench the ground. Thanks to the grapple, it can also haul material and get a better grip on the stumps that it removes. The right choice of stump attachment for your skid steer will depend on your budget, land prep goals, and skid loader model.

If you have a question about our skid steer loader stump buckets with grapples for sale, feel free to get in touch. You can call us at 507-273-7497 or message our team online at any time.