The stump bucket skid steer attachment was designed to easily rip small to large stumps out of the ground. The serrated teeth on the side plates help cut the roots of the stump to loosen it for removal. The bucket’s deep bottom helps gain more leverage and capacity while trenching. The bucket is not limited to stump removal. Other uses of the product may be digging out large rocks and trenching. This attachment is built to last and handle some of the toughest jobs. The bucket is built entirely out of grade 50 steel and has large gussets to ensure quality. Our stump bucket attachments weigh 355 pounds and can handle just about any job you’re up against. Click here if you are looking for a stump bucket with grapple attachment.

Our friends in farming, construction, and land maintenance all count on our stump buckets for their durability and versatility. These attachments easily pull out stumps, remove debris and trench land to prepare a site for your next job. When you need to get an area ready for planting, livestock, construction, or another task, our stump buckets will prepare land efficiently.

If you have any questions about our skid steer stump removal attachments, we’re always here to help. Call us at 507-273-7497 or shoot us a message for expert advice.