A tree stump takes time and effort to remove. But not if you have the right skid steer attachment. In the past, we’ve discussed the power of the tree puller. The difference between a tree and a stump is in the application.

The winning component of the stump puller skid steer attachment is how it can slice through roots with little collateral damage. But, it does more than just clear the underwork. The stump bucket pulls at tree stumps like a crowbar.

stump bucket with grapple

Depending on how you maneuver the attachment, you can apply physical force in a way that pries frees rather than busts apart. Ultimately, the stump puller/bucket attachment works as a direct application to free obstructions. Whether you have a Kubota or John Deere machine, it will attach like a dream. Those stumps will have never stood a chance.

While this might seem easy, it requires a level of skill and control that only comes with experience. To see if you have what it takes to master the skid steer stump bucket, get in contact with Stinger Attachments today. We want to see if you have what it takes to own this incredible piece of machinery.

After surveying your property, reach out to your friends at Stinger Attachments. We’re ready to engage your next major project.