The tine bucket, better known as the manure bucket, is very popular in the agriculture field. Farmers like the design when cleaning up manure bedding from livestock. Our heavy-duty 2” 1045 tines have an 8” on-center placement, allowing a 6” opening between the tines. The tines are completely replaceable in case a tine gets bent or broken. Our manure tine buckets come with or without a solid back plate to fit your needs. The bucket is built with a heavy-duty 4×4 square tube top and bottom. The bucket comes standard with the universal skid steer hook up. Please contact us for different mounting options. The tine bucket is also available with grapple. Please see TG-Series under the product page for more information if you would like the manure tine bucket with grapple attachment.

Our skid steer tine manure buckets carry loose materials and matted organic matter that you’ll find on the farm or ranch. Farmers and ranchers count on these attachments for their homes and businesses. They make it easy to clean pens, carry silage and prep land by leaving the hard work to your skid loader. When a job needs a finer touch, it’s time for the tines.

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