The Stinger Attachments skid steer concrete bucket is the perfect piece of equipment for contractors and agricultural use. The cement bucket allows the operator to save time and money by making it more efficient to get the concrete into hard-to-reach areas. It can also save on the fatigue of operating a wheelbarrow. The concrete bucket comes in two different sizes to fit your needs — a .75-yard or 1-yard capacity. The bucket has a hydraulic door operated by a 2” x 8”, 2500 psi cylinder. This attachment comes with hydraulic hoses and standard ½” flat face couplers. If you want to cut down on labor and work more efficiently, then the skid steer concrete bucket is a great attachment for you.

If you use a wheelbarrow to mix and pour concrete, make your job easier with a skid steer loader concrete bucket. This attachment cuts down on the fatigue caused by wheelbarrow pouring by leaving most of the effort to your skid loader. It also doubles as a concrete mixing bucket for your skid steer so you can mix the concrete in the attachment using your preferred method.

Our skid loader concrete buckets also improve your concrete pouring efficiency and flexibility compared to wheelbarrow or truck pouring. A skid steer can get to tighter spaces than a truck, moving you closer to the application site and helping you reach places you couldn’t before.

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