STP-34 (Stinger tree puller) 34” opening.

The Stinger Attachments STP-34 Euro Global tree puller attachment is the answer when it comes to pulling trees with a tractor. The STP-34 has a wide range of uses, whether the operator is pulling out honeysuckle and buckthorn or pulling out larger diameter trees. The 34” total opening width allows the operator to place up to a 10” diameter tree towards the back of the jaws, which allows greater capacity, greater clamping force and improved skid loader-to-tree pulling power. Another feature that broadens the STP-34 capabilities is its built-in, heavy-duty 6”x6”- ¾” thick front spade with serrated gussets on the sides.

The ¾” thick steel plates close tight together to form an 8” surface that allows the operator to pull shrubs, buckthorn, honeysuckle and small diameter objects that would slide through the jaws of a normal tree puller. If the operator cannot pull the smaller diameter objects, they can be dug out with the spade. The front spade is also very convenient to pull large diameter trees. It allows the operator to carefully dig around large-diameter trees to break loose roots and free up obstructions. Once the operator has everything broken loose, the tree can be clamped to and pulled out. At Stinger Attachments, building a safe attachment is always our number one goal. That’s why our STP-34 is fitted with a durable 20” tall and 24” wide guard that is fully welded to the main frame to ensure operator safety. The STP-34 has been field tested and used in the most rugged and tough conditions. If you’ve been looking for the answer to pulling trees with a tractor, Stinger Attachments STP-34 is the solution.

Due to its versatility, our friends in agriculture, land maintenance and private land ownership can all take advantage of the STP-34’s power. In addition to pulling trees and brush, this handy attachment can tug out stumps, overgrown weeds, fence posts and heavy debris.

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