Forks Guaranteed: Take our word for it

Pallet forks, they’re quite the competitive piece in the attachment industry. Everyone makes them, everyone sells them, and everyone thinks they have a better product than the next guy. We aren’t here to tear apart anyone else’s product or say they won’t work for you, however we are here to put our guarantee on ours… specifically, a 3 year warranty on our forks and 1 year warranty on our frame.


We build ours in house at 48 in. standard (customizable options) with grade 50 steel that covers and fits all skid steers. Each fork is built for 4,000 lb. capacity, giving you 8,000 lb. loading capacity- that’s right: meaning we could lift 8 elephants in one operation. They come standard with a quick attach plate. With our wide-open walk thru design, passage is easy for the operator and keeps things safe in the workplace.

Forks of Strength and Efficiency

Our carrier bars are built for two things: strength and efficiency. You’ve probably experienced what it’s like to have forks that don’t move. The same forks might also not adjust very easy. You winch and pull, move, rattle and shake them to get them where you want them. It is a cumbersome, annoying, and frustrating job- so we made it simple by building our carrier bars with that in mind. The forks are easily adjusted and moved and with our high frame protection backing, it makes lifting those elephants easy. We place our stamp on this and have a 1 year workmanship warranty on it.

If you’re not a carnival connoisseur and you’re just a regular guy that farms, builds, welds, works as a mechanic, sells equipment or just needs a set of pallet forks around the shop, these forks are perfect as they’ll fit any skid loader, load heavy, and have been tested and proven so much that we guarantee the forks for 3 years.

Like Tommy Boy once said “I could get a good look at T Bone steak by putting my head up a bull’s (you know what). But, I’d rather take the butcher’s word for it.” Don’t try and create your own set of pallet forks. Buy the best and buy it direct! Take it from the manufacturer’s word- we’ll guarantee it!

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