Customer Question: Why would I need a concrete skid steer bucket?

At Stinger, we face many challenges. Challenges that might be a little more complicated to explain. Let’s use the concrete skid steer bucket for example. A customer of ours was faced with a dilemma: he had a concrete demo/remodel job with some tight spaces that a truck and some tubes just wouldn’t work right. We were put to the test: make a one-yard concrete bucket attachment for a skid loader.

Bodily Wear and Tear Reduced

We did just that. We created the perfect piece that will not only save time and the headache of writing a check in a tough agriculture economy, but most importantly, it saved a trip to the chiropractor and the alcohol cabinet didn’t need to take a hit. The wear and tear that concrete work does on a body is incredibly damaging. Loading, moving and hauling with an old fashioned wheelbarrow is only the first part. Then, you add in the layering, the smoothing, the edging, and the finishing. It’s one of the most grueling jobs in the business- and that’s why the concrete bucket makes sense.

Efficient Work

The other main component of doing concrete work is time. Time is key and timing by the operator, farmer, or regular guy is a priority. When the day is right, the sun is out and concrete is being poured, getting it done quickly and efficiently will allow for a clean finish and a job finished well.

In tight spaces such as barns, fenced yards for livestock, home patios, walkways, and other areas, some guys will pour by hand and use a skid steer bucket with wet concrete in it. Other guys will mix in a wheelbarrow and some will try to run tubes from a cement truck. None of these is ever fully efficient as they require a lot of hands on work and tools (shovels, picks, scoops). Whereas the concrete bucket is able to be filled with almost the same amount (usually more) concrete than a normal skid material bucket. The bucket can be maneuvered into the tight spaces with a single quick attach. The concrete bucket has a hydraulic door, a 24” removable chute and a safety step.

We build this for the small farmer, the big operator, the construction company, and even your small acreage person. It will save you the two most important things in pouring concrete: time and health.

And we didn’t even discuss the mental/emotional benefits. Benefits such as not having to cuss and scream over the pain. Or even the fact that the drying process happened faster than planned.

We’ve been there and seen it, save yourself the headache and do what our customers do: buy a concrete bucket (.75 or 1 yard options).

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