5 Reasons to Buy a Rock Grapple Skid Steer Attachment

With so many attachments available, a skid steer can be one of the most useful pieces of equipment that you own. Among some of the most advantageous attachments there are, you have the different types of grapples.

In this post, we are going to look at some of the advantages that come with owning a rock grapple attachment for a skid steer machine.

rock grapple skid steer attachment
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Benefits Of Buying a Rock Grapple Skid Steer Attachment


A skid steer loader is a versatile piece of equipment in and of itself, and the rock grapple is one of the most versatile attachments that you can buy. They can work with a wide range of materials, making them an implement that can work for many applications. They can be useful for things like landscaping and logging, they can work to sort through materials for the recycling industry and they can also be used for things like construction, demolition and farming.

Good for Sifting Debris

If you often find that you have a large amount of debris that you need to work through, the rock grapple is one of the most useful implements you could own. With the open design of the bottom grate on the bucket, smaller materials like dirt can easily fall through, while the larger items are secured between the grate and the grapple for easy removal.

Great for Lifting Awkward Items

One of the things that make grapple attachments so useful is that they work well with items that would be awkward to move with more conventional bucket designs. They can be great for working with everything from large rocks and pieces of concrete to logs, stacked lumber and a wide range of other large, awkward items. Many grapples even have removable sides for holding items that exceed the width of the attachment.

Makes Jobs Easier

With a rock grapple, part of the attraction is the vast number of different applications for which the attachment can be used, but the main benefit it that it makes all of these jobs easier. If you have large, heavy items that need to be moved, the grapple holds them securely and moves them much easier than other implements. If you need to remove large items from debris, a rock grapple is great for reducing the amount of labor that goes into the project.

Saves Time

By reducing the amount of work that is required for doing these jobs, the rock grapple is also a time saver. A demolition crew can remove debris in much less time, and a landscaping crew could move things like branches and stumps with less effort and in less time. Regardless of the job you put it to, a rock grapple is going to reduce your work and save you time.