How to choose the right Rock Bucket

Rock Buckets from Stinger Attachments are the only way to start 2020. But, do you know how to choose the right Rock Bucket?

Skid Loader Rock Bucket Which to Buy

Why you should use a Rock Bucket

Many outdoor workers have a particular problem. They need to remove rocks and debris without disturbing soil. Carefully manufactured tines know what matters most to you. Saving that precious topsoil, while eliminating the natural barriers to your outdoor success. No one wants a lot all torn apart due to the need to eliminate a few hefty rocks? That’s like fishing with dynamite.

Awkward shaped and heavy materials are effectively eliminated the first time…everytime. No longer will you have to stop your skid steer and clear out long strands of buckthorn or awkward creek rocks from your bucket. At Stinger, quality is Job #1. Due to our combined experience using similar equipment, we manufacture America’s best answers for the real working class.

Where would I use a rock bucket?

Rock Buckets can be used just as easily as any skid steer attachment. But, where does one use a rock bucket?

  • Road Work
  • All types of Construction
  • Commercial Logging
  • Small and Large scale farming
  • Landscaping

Grapple vs Rock Bucket How Do I Know

When should you use a grapple instead of a bucket attachment?

Bucket attachments don’t have the level of control you get with a grapple. Imagine if you’re building a sandcastle with your kid. They want the castle they saw at Disney, so what do you do? Do you grab the old bucket you had since 1985? No! You look at your tools and find the best means of cultivating Cinderella’s castle on the sunny shores of Myrtle Beach.

A grapple is a multi-part crafted tool that allows for ease and style to be placed into your work. After all, your property reflects you. Do you want to have a never-ending construction mess or a finely cultivated production area? Buckets are clumsy and work on the same principle as they did building Sandcastles. If you’re trying to minimize seat time and get something out of the way, go for it. Otherwise, take the time to do the job right with a grapple.

Where would I use a grapple?

Grapples can be used anywhere! The same as buckets. What matters is your approach and needs. But, let’s examine several of the places you will find grapples being deployed.

  • Road Work
  • Construction
  • Logging
  • Farming
  • Landscaping
  • Commercial Recycling

What are your specific needs?

Finally, let’s address the elephant in the room. What are you going to do with a grapple? After all, not every person in the world cares about topsoil. Is it even appropriate for your machine? That’s a lot of questions you have to answer, but Stinger is just a phone call away to address all questions.

When someone asks How to choose the right Rock Bucket, it all returns to this last point.

  • Understand your needs
  • Know your work
  • Acknowledge your long-term plans

If you can do all three, then you can answer whether you need a Rock Bucket or Grapple.