Stinger preps for Harvest 2019 with new equipment

Stinger Attachments is ready for Harvest 2019 with a new line of equipment. We’ve talked about bale spears and land planes in the past. But, have you seen our MG Series Manure Grapple? You’ll have so much fun using it that you won’t mind the smell.

But, why launch these products as Harvest 2019 gets underway? That’s because Stinger has an eye to the future…your future. The past planting season has been difficult for many parts of the country. Between heavy rain, political matters and things out of the average farmer’s control, they’ve had time to think about what they need moving forward.

MG Series Manure Grapple 13 Harvest

Even with the power of the Internet at your fingertips, narrowing that path to your future can be daunting. That’s why Stinger is going to greet your needs at every step of the Internet. Whether it is auction sites, our brand-new listings or on social media/YouTube, customers will find our solutions everywhere.

Just think about it. By Christmas time, you can have your life changed by the power of a Stinger land plane or bale spear. Think even bigger. Just imagine what a high-quality bale spear, land plane or MG Series Manure Grapple could do for your 2020 Planting Season.

The time to begin planning for your future is now. Whether it’s getting ready for the big harvest or laying out your game plan for 2020. Finish the year as strong as you began with the friendly folks at Stinger Attachments.