Bale Spears Clear Fields

Bale spears are the tools that that help you finish making hay. Think about it for a moment. What are you going to do with those giant hay bales you just made? The easy answer is to say you’re going to move them into a barn. Well, those bales can range in weight from 40 to 3,000 pounds on most farms. How are you going to pull that one off?

That’s when you visit your farming friends at Stinger Attachments. At Stinger, we work with American made products designed to perform at peak perfection. The Series 1 Baler is designed for soft core bales. While our later series have options that best fit dense bales designed for silage.

The heavy-duty design of the Stinger Attachments Bale Spears means that these beauties will last a good long time. Each of the bale movers come with a safety step. Those safety steps allow for greater peace of mind when working solo or remotely.

Bale Spears Series 3 10

Stinger Attachments has customizable bale spears

But, that’s not all. All our bale spears are customizable. That means if you’re looking at the Series 1 but want a three-tine setup…you got it. Don’t like a certain bale spear length? Guess what!?! You have three options on that front too.

The name of the game with products like bale spears is having the options to meet your immediate needs. Some of us will never be moving hay bales the size of boulders. Then, there are farmers that will just need square bales for quick transport. Other bale spear suppliers think that one size fits all. At Stinger, we know that every customer is unique in their work.

Small farmers, family farmers and even the big corporate farmers can find balers they need at Stinger Attachments. Check out our website to see how you can customize the bale spears of your dream.