Sink your teeth into the Stinger Tooth Bucket

The heavy-duty Tooth Bucket at Stinger Attachments is quite the engineering achievement. The deep buckets allow for increased visibility while being used. While that might not grab everyone’s attention, it is welcome news to those operating these buckets. Many times, a skid steer attachment can obscure an operator’s vision and make the work site dangerous for all of those involved.

The Stinger Tooth Bucket takes this into consideration by making efficient and safe attachments. Supporting the roll back and dump positions means optimal and safe performance on the farm, roadside or other large tract of land. You can see all around you and still get the job done. But, how does the tooth bucket perform?

tooth bucket stinger attachments 6

The tooth bucket Grade 50 steel constructed and lifts among the top in its class. If that wasn’t enough the bottom radius support makes it easier to support better clean out. That means you can scoop more, bigger and accurately when compared to other material buckets.

So, you have many options on the open market. You can either go expensive and top heavy or you can skimp and find a bucket that can’t lift 5 pounds of dirt above the operator. But there is a better option. You can always reach out and contact Stinger about their heavy-duty Tooth Buckets.

Safety, affordability and engineering perfection aren’t concepts you must skimp on for your skid steer. Contact Stinger today to learn about what we can do for your tooth bucket needs.