What can a tree puller do for your skid steer?

The tree puller is essential for clearing land. However, do you know what all your skid steer can do with a tree puller attachment? Are you even the right kind of person to use one?

The wild and untamed properties that await the working men and women of rural America can break most machinery. However, you own a trusty skid steer. As powerful as it might be, you need a specific attachment to get the job done. You buy a puller, but do you really know how to best use it? Find out now.

What’s your jaw technique looking like? When you first utilize a puller, you will realize that the level jaws are powerful. Successful puller operators will open the jaw and drive towards the tree. That way the tree is as close as humanly possible to the jaw hinge.

skid steer tree puller

A skid steer using a tree puller attachment has force on its side. No, this doesn’t mean you suddenly became a Jedi. What it means is that the attachments allow you to use Physics to remove heavy debris, trees or posts. Using a puller to rock a stubborn tree loosens those pesky roots. That means when the time comes for removal, you get a clean job without any debris left in the soil.

Tree pullers aren’t delicate devices. If you use one on something, it will leave an impression. If something needs to be carefully removed and placed elsewhere, we would suggest not using a puller in that instance. Also, be careful of how you transport the equipment. When you pick up a large enough object in the tree puller’s jaws, the equipment can be knocked out of balance.

Furthermore, we suggest that you maintain your puller. After certain hour levels of use, it’s wise to have your equipment serviced. Yes, we know that you might have just discovered that your puller can remove lines of several small trees. However, that level of power requires a great responsibility.

If you would like to learn more about skid steer pullers, visit the official Stinger Attachments tree puller page.