3 Questions to find which material bucket is right for you

Finding the right material bucket for skid loaders and wheel loaders can sometimes be a challenge. There are many competitors claiming to create the toughest, meanest, biggest buckets.  You often see the classic “break it, we dare you” messages from them. Finding the right bucket for your situation is a lot like deciding which brand of skid steer is right for you…

Kubota, John Deere, New Holland, Caterpillar, Case or Bobcat?

Hopefully, this answers that question.

1. How will I use this material bucket?

Series 1 and 2 Buckets

  • Yard Work, Feed or Construction Projects
  • Dirt Work
  • Cement
  • Rock Hauling
  • Small Farming or Commercial Projects
  • More likely to come with universal attachments to work with most skids.

Series 3 Buckets

  • Moving Large Piles
  • Dairy Work
  • Bunker Work
  • Grain or Other Commodities
  • Anything with a large frame or track

Most of these will come in customizable options and have different sizes to fit what you need. Always ask questions. It is ideal to find the direct manufacturer. Some of the bigger brands will use third party manufacturing which means you may not have all the prevalent information.

2. What material bucket will last the longest?

This is a key question as any attachment out there is built for working the tough jobs a simple wheelbarrow can’t do and let’s face it, you’re probably short on time and need the jobs done quickly and swiftly- you don’t have the time to mess with fixing bent or broken equipment.

Material buckets typically are utility attachments used for anything and everything which means the edges are going to take a lot of wear and tear. Most manufacturers won’t offer any replacement parts. Stinger Attachments offers a replaceable cutting edge and uses only the best high grade 50 steel to ensure that your material bucket is going to last for the work.

The best practice is to find out what each manufacturer offers. Stinger is direct to consumer which means you have a personal connection with the manufacturer so no waiting on hold with someone who doesn’t actually know what you’re going through.

3. What bucket offers the most for the money?

The old saying of cheap means cheap, fits the material bucket category perfectly. These buckets are an investment and shouldn’t be purchased based strictly on price. Material buckets should be purchased based on what bucket fits your needs, follows through on the promises and lasts as long as you do. Look for a manufacturer that makes sure you have all the information, guarantees their work, and is going to provide what they say they’ll do.

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