Feel the sting of our Demolition Grapple

Demolition grapple is the perfect skid steer attachment for a wide variety of needs. Not only does it feature a 48-inch opening height, it’s designed liked a solid bottom bucket. That means it’s gigantic and offers an insane degree of control. While lifting a lot of debris at once sounds amazing, what else can it do?

The full construction comprised of Grade 50 Steel means this Demolition grapple can do what competitor equipment can’t achieve. It can lift the most with minimal effort and keep up the effort repeatedly. The same structure means that the attachment will last for years, while flimsier materials break down and erode.

demolition grapple

Ultimately, all demolition and removal efforts require complete control over the displaced materials. The demolition grapple bucket comes with two grapples constructed of 3/8ths” and ¼” steel to hold up to the toughest working conditions. The stronger rolled insert supports these tough grapples by giving you the muscle to work any bit of debris up and away from your work site.

Power like this is rare for a skid steer attachment. But you can bring this majestic attachment to any job you have in your future. All you must do is reach out to Stinger Attachments and see what it will take to start grappling with a little demolition in your life.