Skid Steer Bale Spears

Bale spears are one of the cornerstones of farm/agriculture work. Moving large hay bales across wide open spaces takes a certain kind of equipment.

That’s why Stinger Attachments invites you to browse the many series of universal hay bale spears we have to offer. All bale spears for sale are customizable and possess unique features to best aid your daily tasks. Curious to see what Stinger has to offer? Check out the many types of bale spears that we have for sale below and learn why Stinger Attachments is the choice for skid steer hay attachments!

  • Bale Spears Skid Steer Attachment Bale Spears Skid Steer Attachment
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  • Bale Spears Skid Steer Attachment Bale Spears Skid Steer Attachment
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Skid Loader Hay Bale Spears for Sale Online and in Minnesota

Series 1 — Skid Steer Hay Spears for Square and Round Bales

The Series 1 bale spears are available in standard and 3 49″ spears. It has a triangle design engineered to carry medium to large bales of any shape and features a longer tine at the triangle’s top. This longer tine increases the attachment’s reach and enables more precise bale picking.

Series 2 — Medium to Large Square and Round Hay Bale Spears

The Series 2 bale spear model moves around medium to large bales of hay. This hay spear has two tines spaced 39 inches apart to move medium and large bales for customers who prefer a straight tine layout.

Series 3 — Large Square Hay Bale Spears

The Series 3 bale spear is a perfect piece of equipment for any farmer or large ranch wanting to move large square bales quickly. This series tackles more intense bale jobs for larger-scale farmers.

Series 4 — Heavy-Duty Skid Steer Loader Bale Spears

The Stinger Attachments Series 4 bale spear is a perfect piece of equipment for any large ag producer moving large square bales 2 at a time. The Series 4 is our most extreme-duty bale attachment.

All of our bale attachments feature heavy-duty design and come standard with replaceable tines.

See the Stinger Attachments Bale Spears in Action!

Why Choose Our Round and Square Bale Attachments for Sale Online?

At Stinger Attachments, we take pride in our hay bale spikes. The advantages of Stinger-built bale spear attachments include:

  • Grade 50 steel construction: We use grade 50 steel to build all of our hay spears. As a structural material, grade 50 steel holds up to tough bale moving jobs.
  • Replaceable tines: Each bale spear allows you to replace the tines so you can keep getting work out of your attachment.
  • Safety step: Our manufacturers add a safety step to every hay spear attachment to give you peace of mind when working by yourself.
  • Custom options available: If you have a specific bale attachment in mind, ask us how we can customize our standard lineup.

Agricultural Applications for Bale Spears

Thanks to their reliable and customizable designs, our hay spear bale movers for sale perform in these farming environments and more:

  • Commercial farming: Our skid loader hay spears feature heavy-duty materials and designs to handle the toughest industrial bale jobs.
  • Ranching: Speed up silage storage and feeding time with our bale spears designed for efficiency and reliability.
  • Farming at home: If your hobby farm uses hay, consider ordering a smaller bale spear to fit your skid loader.

The Stinger Attachments Advantage

When you count on Stinger for skid steer loader attachments, you’ll experience the advantages of:

  • Common-sense pricing and shipping: As a direct-to-buyer manufacturer, we offer bale attachment prices without a markup. We also have flat shipping rates based on region and bundle discounts on shipping for two or more items.
  • One-year warranty: We stand behind every hay spear that we build. All of our products have a one-year warranty so you can order with complete confidence.
  • Experienced customer service: When you call or message us, one of our team members will offer you expert guidance. We strive to deliver the best experience possible for our customers.

Learn More About Our Bale Spears for Sale

You can contact us at any time for help finding the right bale spear to get the job done. Call us at 507-273-7497 or message our team online today.

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