What are the best Rock Bucket specs?

When purchasing a new Rock Bucket, you’d like to know everything about your new piece of equipment. However, not everyone has all the facts at once. You might be the best guy or gal purchasing a skid loader, but rock buckets might just sneak past your area of expertise. That’s OK. Not everyone is meant to know all aspects of the skid steer world. That’s why Stinger Attachments is here to help.

Rock Bucket specs

The Best Rock Bucket Specs

  1. Contour tine designs to allow for a scooping motion for large bucket volumes.
  2. Tines that are spaced 3.25″ so that you don’t lose your load.
  3. Heavy duty plate steel construction. That way weather and work won’t impact the life of your rock bucket.
  4. Serrated cut edges to dig into the soil and other debris that needs moving.
  5. Open functionality to work with a wide variety of Skid Steer manufacturers and builds.

If you can find a rock bucket that meets those specs, then you’re cooking with gas. Having five golden spec standards isn’t that unreasonable for a product that is going to improve your production. But, we do have to recommend one more thing before leaving you to your purchases.

If you have a question about sizing or mounting options, don’t hesitate to reach out and contact your trusted Skid Steer dealers at Stinger Attachments.