Skid Steer Rock Buckets

At Stinger Attachments, we pride ourselves in building heavy duty Skid Steer rock buckets for our customers. No matter what type of project you are faced with, you can be rest assured that our rock buckets will complete the job. We have specifically designed our buckets to grab the most difficult material while still being able to sift through unwanted debris.

Our rock buckets are built with a unique contour tine design which helps keep material in place while finishing the job. This design feature helps cut down time and trips to the dump area. Stinger Attachments rock buckets can be use for a number of different applications including fast clean ups, sifting out rock and debris from soil, transferring material to other places and even used to clean up waste around the property.

Rock Bucket Sizes | Built For Skid Steers, Kubota & Compact Tractors

At Stinger Attachments we build and sell seven different sizes to ensure our customers get the rock bucket they desire. You can choose the size of your rock bucket depending on the size of you skid steer loader or tractor. Here are the standard sizes we build.

  • 60 Inch
  • 66 Inch
  • 72 Inch
  • 78 Inch
  • 80 Inch
  • 84 Inch
  • 88 Inch

Features Included In Our Skid Steer Rock Buckets

  • Contour Design To Keep In Debris
  • Built With Grade 50 Steel
  • Extra Support Tube Between Tines
  • Tines Perfectly Spaced To Sift Material
  • Standard Skid Steer Mount

Our Skid steer rock buckets come designed with a unique contour design to keep debris, rock and other heavy material in place while moving around. This product is built with grade 50 steel and to give it extra strength, we have equipped a support tube between the tines. The tines on the rock buckets are strategically placed to easily sift the material you want. The skid steer mount comes standard so it fits most skid steers, Kubota tractors and compact tractors. You can also check out our Rock Buckets Attachments video here as well.

Rock Buckets Backed By Warranty

Stinger Attachments warrants each new product manufactured by us to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of twelve (12) months from date of delivery to the original purchaser. All returns must be in new condition with all freight costs the responsibility of the buyer. No returns accepted after 10 days of buyer receiving the product.