Material Buckets

With a skid loader material bucket, you can move loose, light material like rocks, gravel, mulch, snow, topsoil and fertilizer. We offer three series of material buckets for different job intensities as well as custom options.

Rock Buckets

Our RK Series of rock buckets features contour tines that keep grabbed materials in place while sifting out unwanted debris. We build seven sizes of rock bucket to fit a wide range of equipment models.

Grapple Buckets

Customers love our grapple buckets for skid loaders because of their combination grappling and shoveling action. Choose from rock, root, rock/root, manure tine and demolition grapples built to get your job done.

Tree Pullers

The STP-34 (Stinger tree puller with 34-inch opening) clamps tightly onto trees and brush for secure pulling. This attachment tackles trees up to 10 inches in diameter as well as smaller objects that would slide through the average tree puller.

Bale Spears

We offer four series of bale spears to help you handle any scale of farm work, ranging from home farming to commercial agriculture. Replaceable tines, customizable designs and heavy-duty construction combine for optimized hay transport.

Land Planes

When you need to prep soil, groom a trail, clear a construction site or till land, count on the Stinger Attachments land plane leveler.

Manure Buckets

Tackle your farm’s dirty work using our skid loader manure bucket that cleans manure bedding and carries loose materials like hay.

Stump Buckets

Rip a small to large stump with the serrated teeth of our stump bucket skid steer attachment. You can also dig out a large rock or finish some trenching.

Stump Buckets With Grapples

For extra tough stump removal jobs, try a stump bucket with a grapple that will maximize your grip and easily loosen stump roots.

Concrete Buckets

Save on the fatigue of pouring concrete with a wheelbarrow while increasing your efficiency with our hydraulic skid steer concrete bucket.

Pallet Forks

Stinger Attachments pallet forks for skid steers combine our dependable engineering with the power of Cascade Corp. USA forks. We design each fork with a high tolerance to allow it to slide easily during use.

Tooth Buckets

To maximize your heavy-duty skid steer’s digging capabilities, tap into the power of our skid steer tooth buckets.

Learn More About Our Skid Steer Attachments for Sale

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