• skid steer rock buckets
    Our 66" skid steer rock bucket attachment is one of our smaller buckets; however, you shouldn't be fooled by it's smaller size. This bucket is one of our greater sellers because of its versatility. No matter what the job may be around the farm or construction area, the 66" skid steer rock bucket can handle it. With a universal skid steer mount, you can easily attach this rock bucket to a skid steer, compact tractor or a Kubota tractor. This specific sized bucket is great for hauling different types of material while also giving you the ability to sift out unwanted debris. Similar to our larger rock buckets, the 66 inch is built with grade 50 steel, 4x4x1/4 top tubing, support tubes and a 2-7/8 inch opening between tines. Other Rock Bucket Sizes Available Here!
  • skid steer rock buckets
    If you are looking for an attachment to do just about anything then the  72" Skid Steer Rock Bucket is a great option. The 72" Rock Bucket is one of our best sellers because of its durability and ability to dig up rocks, roots and other material laying around the farm or construction site. This attachment is built to last no matter what project you are doing. It comes standard with large 4 x 4 upper square tubing and heavy duty 3/8 plate steal throughout. We engineered the tines to be spaced 3.25" apart to keep heavier material in the bucket while allowing unwanted debris to be easily sifted out. Other Rock Bucket Sizes Available Here!
  • Angle Broom

    Angle Broom

    The Stinger Attachments Angle Broom is the perfect piece of equipment for Warehouse, Machine Sheds, Parking Lots, Job sites and Dust containment. It comes in 3 different sizes, 72”,84” and 96” Widths. This is available in either a manual or hydraulic rotation. It moves to 30degree right & Left. This is very easy to operate. It is designed for any commercial, municipal, and construction operator. It comes standard with the universal skid steer mounting plate.
  • 4 DDS Auger Drive Side View 2 DSS Auger Drive Front View

    Auger Drive

    Stingers drilling drives for skid steer loaders are the ultimate in performance, quality and cost effectiveness. The Motor Drives have over 30 years of design and development which have produced the highest quality range of auger drives on the market today. Completely manufactured and assembled using only the highest grade materials and strictest quality control. Fitted with Eaton bell motors and input housing,the innovative design allows the gearbox to go down the hole to maximise drilling depth without extensions, eliminating downtime and minimises maintenance, optimising your returns. Stinger drilling drives are backed by industry leading warranty and local factory support. Looking for an auger to go with your auger drive? Click here.
  • Option 2 Series 1 15 3 spears bale spears
    The Stinger Attachments Series 1 bale spear is a perfect piece of equipment for any farmer, or rancher who wants to move medium to large round bales or square bales. It is configured in a triangle design that has three large upper 49” (conus 2 spear), The three large tines make this design perfect for unloading hayracks and semi-trailers quickly. The design also is perfect for bedding corn stalk or straw bales in feedlots, or barns as well. All of our bale attachments feature heavy duty design and come standard with replaceable tines.
  • Bale Spears Series 1 2 Bale Spears Series 1
    The Stinger Attachments Series 1 bale spear is a perfect piece of equipment for any farmer, or rancher who wants to move medium to large round bales or square bales. It is configured in a triangle design that has one large upper 49” (conus 2 spear), and two smaller lower spears that help stabilize and support the bale. All of our bale attachments feature heavy duty design and come standard with replaceable tines.
  • Bale Spears Series 2 2 Bale Spears Series 2

    Bale Spears: Series 2

    The Stinger Attachments Series 2 Bale Spear is a perfect piece of equipment for any farmer, or rancher who wants to move medium to large round bales or square bales. It is configured in two tine design spaced 39” apart on center. The design is available with multiple tine lengths including 39”, 43”, or 49”. All of our bale attachments feature heavy duty design and come standard with replaceable tines.
  • Bale Spears Series 3 13 Bale Spears Series 3 1

    Bale Spears: Series 3

    The Stinger Attachments Series 3 bale spear is a perfect piece of equipment for any farmer or large ranch wanting to move large square bales quickly. It is configured in a three tine design, the outer tines are spaces 52” apart on center with one dead center of attachment. The design is available with multiple tine lengths including 39”, 43”, or 49”. All of our bale attachments feature heavy duty design and come standard with replaceable tines.
  • Series 4 Bale Spear 2 Series 4 Bale Spear

    Bale Spears: Series 4

    The Stinger Attachments Series 4 bale spear is a perfect piece of equipment for any large ag producer moving large square bales 2 at a time. It is configured in a four-tine design giving you 14,000lbs of carry capacity. The most outer tines are placed 61” apart on center with two additional tines placed evenly between them. This can be purchased with the optional bolt on bale support allowing you to safely carry 2 large bales at once. The design is available with multiple tine lengths including 39”, 43”, or 49”. All of our bale attachments feature heavy duty design and come standard with replaceable tines.
  • Demolition Grapple Bucket
    Stinger Attachments'DG Series demolition grapple bucket is the perfect skid steer attachment to meet a wide range of customer needs. The demolition/scrap grapple uses the design of a solid bottom bucket with sleek curved end plates and two heavy-duty grapples. The solid bottom bucket lets the operator keep the desired material in the bucket, and the curved side plates allow the operator to clamp onto large objects that are wider than the bucket, like logs and scrap. The massive 48-inch grapple opening height ensures the most capacity is carried with every load. This tough and rugged bucket that is constructed with grade 50 steel is built to last. If you are looking for a demolition grapple bucket that is heavy-duty and will last a long time, then this is the bucket for you. We mainly sell the skid loader demolition grapple bucket to our friends in construction, but it can handle jobs in farming and other areas as well. This attachment works well in applications related to demolition, construction, disaster cleanup and other situations that need high-capacity grappling and material handling. If you need us, we're one phone call or online message away. Call us at 507-273-7497 or contact our experts online at any time.
  • Land Plane 1 Land Plane 1

    Land Plane


    The Stinger Attachments land plane leveler is the perfect piece of equipment for landscapers, construction workers, and farmers. Common jobs for the attachment would be top soil prep, rough driveway, trail grooming, construction sites and much more. Our land plane is designed for skid steer loaders and comes standard with a heavy-duty design. It includes a 3/4×6 cutting edge front and back and two heavy-duty 3.5×3.5 3/8” angle irons for leveling material. The product is also available with a bolt-on cutting edge and an optional hydraulic scarifier for tilling.

    At Stinger Attachments, we go the extra mile to make sure that you have the best experience possible with your land plane. Built in America using structural-grade steel, our skid steer land plane attachments hold up to the toughest leveling jobs. We offer a one-year warranty on these products so you can feel the confidence in our attachments that we do.

    Consider us a call or online message away when you need help finding the right Stinger product. Get in touch with our experts by calling 507-273-7497 or completing our contact form.

  • MG Series Manure Grapple MG Series Manure Grapple

    MG-Series (Manure Grapple)


    The Stinger Attachments manure grapple is the perfect piece of equipment for large and small agricultural producers. The manure grapple (ag grapple) is ideal for feedlot chores such as loading pen pack and bedding cattle lots. This design is similar to our popular selling TG-Series (Tine Grapple), with a couple of differences being lighter weight for smaller machines, enclosed back, and better handling of bales. The 8” on-center spacing of the tines leaves an opening of approximately 6”, helping carry loose material.

    When your work on the ranch requires finesse, you can count on a Stinger manure grapple. Like our other manure attachments, the manure grapple easily picks up loose or matted material like clean or dirty bedding. Its grappling action enables you to carry materials much more securely than you would with your typical manure bucket. Some of our friends who use the manure grapple get creative and use it for brush, trees and other material that fits in the attachment.

    Got a question about our manure grapples? Feel free to call us at 507-273-7497 or send us a message.

  • The Stinger Attachments pallet forks are designed for heavy-duty use. We use industry-leading USA forks by Cascade Corp. They are backed by a 3-year warranty. Our frame design features a heavy-duty machined 1.25” x 3” top carrier bar — this top bar is then welded to a 3” x 2” structural tube to make the top support even stronger. The bottom carrier is a ½” x 3” flat welded to a 3” x 3” support tube. Our main carriage uprights are constructed of 3/8” grade 50 steel. Our skid steer loader pallet forks are manufactured in a jig fixture by man to ensure high tolerances. Our high tolerances are important because this allows the fork to slide easily.

    At Stinger, we build our skid steer loader pallet fork attachments for sale with the operator in mind. Stinger Attachments' standard wide-open walk-thru design makes passage easy for the operator. We also added a safety step for extra protection during solo operation. Our pallet fork design also focuses on easier movement and adjustment for seamless lifting.

    Many of our friends across different areas of expertise can find a use for a pallet fork in their work. Farmers and ranchers on any scale can use a pallet fork to move hay, haul fencing or clear brush. In construction, operators count on pallet forks to move materials horizontally and vertically. Some pallet fork users come up with creative uses like carrying a deer after a successful hunt or installing a structure.

    All Stinger Attachments products come standard with the universal skid steer loader quick-attach plate. All of our attachments can be modified to fit your tractor with common mounts such as Global, Euro or Westendorf — just to name a few. Other common machines we are compatible with are John Deere, Kubota and Mahindra. Please contact our sales team with any questions or customization requests.

  • The RTG-XD Series skid steer grapple bucket is an extreme duty piece of equipment for some of the biggest machines on the market today. The XD model takes our popular selling Heavy duty RTG models to the next level. These are specifically engineered for forestry, land clearing, and demolition. It has a 6” opening between the tines. Also unique to this design is a serrated cutting tine for grubbing. Let's Talk Strength! Our Standard heavy duty models feature ⅜ Grade 50 tines and grapple sides. The XD Models bump up to a ½ Grade 80 tine and grapple sides. These are simply built for the commercial end user running high end 100hp plus track and small payloader machines.
  • material bucket attachment material bucket attachment 1
    The Series 3 Skid Steer Material bucket attachment is a step up in capacity from our series 2. Series 3 is engineered to provide more capacity for larger skid steer wheeled and track machines. Available in 5 different sizes from 60 to 84” inches in width. This material bucket attachment comes standard with a universal skid steer mount plate. We can also custom fit other mounting options or leave plain so you have the option to custom fit your own. Our top channel brace and bottom radius support add the strength needed to handle the biggest machines. The bottom-radius support also adds better clean out. Our standard back degree angle is 68 degrees. We have found this to be a very good fit for most machines in the roll-back and dump positions. The bucket is available with two cutting edge options. Option 1 (Weld on Edge), we weld on a large 3/4x8 Edge to the bucket shell. Option 2 (Bolt on Edge), we weld a 1/2x6" edge with holes to bucket shell, then bolt on a 3/4x6 edge to the bottom.

Material Buckets

With a skid loader material bucket, you can move loose, light material like rocks, gravel, mulch, snow, topsoil and fertilizer. We offer three series of material buckets for different job intensities as well as custom options.

Rock Buckets

Our RK Series of rock buckets features contour tines that keep grabbed materials in place while sifting out unwanted debris. We build seven sizes of rock bucket to fit a wide range of equipment models.

Grapple Buckets

Customers love our grapple buckets for skid loaders because of their combination grappling and shoveling action. Choose from rock, root, rock/root, manure tine and demolition grapples built to get your job done.

Tree Pullers

The STP-34 (Stinger tree puller with 34-inch opening) clamps tightly onto trees and brush for secure pulling. This attachment tackles trees up to 10 inches in diameter as well as smaller objects that would slide through the average tree puller.

Bale Spears

We offer four series of bale spears to help you handle any scale of farm work, ranging from home farming to commercial agriculture. Replaceable tines, customizable designs and heavy-duty construction combine for optimized hay transport.

Land Planes

When you need to prep soil, groom a trail, clear a construction site or till land, count on the Stinger Attachments land plane leveler.

Manure Buckets

Tackle your farm’s dirty work using our skid loader manure bucket that cleans manure bedding and carries loose materials like hay.

Stump Buckets

Rip a small to large stump with the serrated teeth of our stump bucket skid steer attachment. You can also dig out a large rock or finish some trenching.

Stump Buckets With Grapples

For extra tough stump removal jobs, try a stump bucket with a grapple that will maximize your grip and easily loosen stump roots.

Concrete Buckets

Save on the fatigue of pouring concrete with a wheelbarrow while increasing your efficiency with our hydraulic skid steer concrete bucket.

Pallet Forks

Stinger Attachments pallet forks for skid steers combine our dependable engineering with the power of Cascade Corp. USA forks. We design each fork with a high tolerance to allow it to slide easily during use.

Tooth Buckets

To maximize your heavy-duty skid steer’s digging capabilities, tap into the power of our skid steer tooth buckets.

Learn More About Our Skid Steer Attachments for Sale

If you need help finding the right skid loader attachment to get the job done, contact our team of skid steer experts. Call us at 507-273-7497 or contact our team online today.